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Gloria Reyes afirma caso de fraude con tarjetas Supérate “quedó cerrado”

Gloria Reyes confirms card fraud case ‘closed’

Supérate Program Director, Gloria Reyes, pointed out that the millionaire fraud case of luxury cards ‘Closed’, after to be responsible before the Senate of the Republic.

The official, who was invited by the Senate Standing Committee on Justice, said that after providing clarifications to lawmakers, all that remains is to wait for the Public Prosecution’s investigations to conclude.

Ask in this sense patience to me Investigation results.

“It seems to me that the supporter of this initiative (Dominican Liberation Party spokesman Ivan Lorenzo) must be patient and wait for the result. Public Prosecution investigation As suggested by us, Reyes replied.

On the other hand, he confirmed that they have provided a solution so far for 95% of beneficiaries affected to fraud and reiterate that after these explanations to Congress, they already consider the process closed.

“As a state, as a government, we hold this case closed today, and we’ve already provided explanations to Congress as required,” the official commented.

In numbers, Reyes concluded that 94,000 beneficiaries of the program were affected and that the amount The fraud totaled 154 million pesos.

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