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Giamatti criticizes the protests, says they are funded from abroad, and ignores talk about Consuelo Porras

Giamatti criticizes the protests, says they are funded from abroad, and ignores talk about Consuelo Porras

Amid a day of protests and as riot police suppressed demonstrators with tear gas in front of the National Palace of Culture, President Alejandro Giammattei criticized actions taken by residents eight days ago to demand the resignation of Prosecutor Consuelo Porras. He said that “The only thing that could jeopardize the democratic system is calls for a blockade.”

Although in recent days many social sectors have called on Giamatti to speak out about the population’s demands for Borras to leave his position as Head of the Public Ministry (MP). The president on his national network ignored this issue and called on the population to demand an end to the demonstrations that, In his opinion, the participants in it “are not many. They are small sit-ins all over the country, very successive.”

Giamatti said in his letter that he was addressing Guatemalans “At a crucial moment” for the nation, “It is full of demonstrations and sieges,” so he urged them to demonstrate “without prejudice to other rights.”

“Unfortunately, after a week of protests, the supply of essential products and services has stopped “It has been stopped with dire consequences for the population, which has been seriously threatened, as well as for the economy, which is already suffering multi-million dollar losses and affecting everyone’s pockets, especially the most vulnerable,” the president said.

In addition, he criticized the acts of sabotage that occurred in some sectors “Against companies, entrepreneurs and individuals in the midst of events that are starting to spiral out of control “From those who promoted the national strike, and those who called for the blockade that threatens to drag us into chaos.”

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“It is necessary that we reflect on these actions and find a path that allows us to express our concerns, “But in an authentically peaceful and respectful way.” said the president, who added that the blockade is not peaceful, which is why he stresses that “all lawless acts will no longer be tolerated.” “The blockade is illegal.”

This has also been detailed “Transition, circulation and the transfer of power are priorities for social peace And the consolidation of democracy in the country.” Moreover, he said, “the only thing that could jeopardize the democratic system are calls for a blockade.”

He also said that they would seek several arrest warrants and that, according to the evidence they collected, they had verified that “money from abroad had been transferred to the national NGOs from which the resources needed to pay for the food come.” Mobile health services and siege logistics.”

According to the president “From these same countries, we were subjected to cyberattacks on the pages of the executive branch, He confirms that “many of the siege operations in the west of the country were carried out with the participation and advice of foreigners, whom we have already identified in some cases and who will be arrested at the first opportunity.”

He added: “This leads us to the conclusion that the destabilization of our Guatemala is being carried out with foreign participation.” The president said without clarifying which countries he was referring to.

“Gentlemen, the promoters of this alleged coup, this is one of the biggest fallacies I have ever heard in my life. Allow me to make it clear that you cannot carry out a coup against someone who does not rule. “You are responsible for what happens,” He added, “Control over the demonstrators and the barriers I mentioned has gone out of control.”

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He also called on President-elect Bernardo Arevalo “So that we can sit in a meeting in the presence of the OAS mediation mission to discuss On the path that must be followed to ensure the handover of power on January 14 to a country in peace and not in a confrontation between the people.

Giamatti insisted that he would hand over power on January 14 as evidence of his willingness to do so. “It includes my pitch to the president-elect The presidential office should be in the presidential house.”

The barricades continued for eight days to demand the departure of Prosecutor Consuelo Porras, Prosecutor Rafael Corochici and Judge Freddy Orellana, after they ordered The electoral court was raided on charges of irregularities in the disputed elections in the first and second rounds. Last June and August.

With the support of the United States, the European Union and other countries and international organizations, Arevalo believes that the three officials are trying Against democracy and seeks to prevent him from assuming the presidency on January 14.

Arevalo accuses them of leading a “coup being implemented” Because of the fear of the ruling elite about his promise to fight corruption.