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An Indonesian airline pilot and co-pilot simultaneously fell asleep for 28 minutes mid-flight

An Indonesian airline pilot and co-pilot simultaneously fell asleep for 28 minutes mid-flight

Flight tracking data shows the A320's flight path deviation. | Image: Screenshot via KNKT

Indonesia's aviation safety agency has called for improved pilot fatigue monitoring mechanisms after an investigation revealed this Recently, two pilots on a commercial flight fell asleep mid-flight.

On January 25, The pilot and co-pilot slept simultaneously for about 28 minutes During a Batek Airlines flight from Sulawesi, in the north of the country, to the capital, Jakarta, according to a preliminary report from National Transportation Safety Board (KNKT).

The report, which AFP learned of on Friday, was published on the agency's website at the end of February.

Indonesia is a huge archipelago with a poor air safety record, despite its heavy reliance on this mode of transport to connect its thousands of islands.

According to the report, One of the pilots did not get enough rest the night before the flight.

The flight between Kendari and Jakarta was operated with an Airbus A320 (PK-LUV) | Image: FlightGlobal

the incident It caused a series of errors in navigationBut the 153 passengers and four flight attendants on board the Airbus A320 were unharmed during the flight. The flight takes 2 hours and 35 minutes.

Half an hour after take-off, the captain asked permission to rest from the co-pilot, who took control of the device but ended up falling asleep.according to the report.

Twenty-eight minutes after the last recorded transmission, the pilot woke up and realized that his co-pilot was asleep and that the plane was not following the correct flight path. He corrected it after waking up his partner and answering Jakarta calls.

KNKT urged Batik Air to put in place detailed procedures to ensure that pilots and crew get proper rest before their flights.

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