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¡Quítate de ahí! ¡Quítate de ahí! José Laluz y Jhonatan Liriano se enfrentan en programa radial

Get out of there! Get out of there! Jose Lalouss and Jonathan Liriano meet on a radio show

Commenters Jose Lallus and Jonathan Liriano, The show was staged, from El Sol de la Manana Conflict What appeared was verbal, the result of ideas and methods Only have to think differentlyOpens a topic.

The ConflictOr verbal, which is almost To go to physical condition, Lalus exploded when he addressed the issue of the Republic of Bolivia, saying that despite the huge deposits of lithium salt on the planet, the country has not been able to generate this benefitMental Poverty.

The latter immediately caused surprise among the people Commentators Guys, especially Liriano, The one who answered immediately Representing That former legislator a Savagery An insult to Bolivia.

Thus Jose Lallus a Increase Discomfort, as well as Liriano’s constant request not to “dirty his opinion” and, Copies to follow In response to his adversary, The Former Vice In a fit of rage, he threatened to snatch the microphone and throw it away.

“There is no address here and I don’t want anyone to make me dirty Comment. Turn off the microphone, turn off the microphone, ”Lalus pleaded on several occasions before moving on. Revealed pOr Liriano.

Prior to the commercial release of the show, the activities of the other members of the show were spotted in a search to soothe the hot spirits of Lalu.

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