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Migration prevents the departure of Monsignor Silvio Fonseka at Managua Airport

Migration prevents the departure of Monsignor Silvio Fonseka at Managua Airport

Silvio Fonseka, a Monsignor from the Santa Foss Parish area around Managua’s Costa Rica, was prevented from leaving the country this morning. Augusto C. in Managua. At the Santino International Airport, he was told his passport was “having trouble reading”, and the pastor confirmed to LA that he had traveled to the same place four months earlier using the same document. Brenza.

Fonseka, in charge of the Ministry of Family Affairs in Managua, tried to travel to the United States at 8:00 am on November 7 to discuss health and for personal reasons.

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“I took everything in order, I have a valid passport, I traveled with that passport. The information said that the passport was not read correctly by the computer. I always traveled with that passport. I was traveling to the United States on a health trip, for personal reasons. Fonseka explained.

He pointed out that they took his passport and told him to inform the immigration offices. “They told me it wasn’t well read and wet, but I took refuge for a long time,” he said.

He pointed out that he had not had any problems with the authorities so far and did not know whether the travel ban had been imposed since it was election day.

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It is noteworthy that Daniel Ortega directly attacked the Catholic bishops during his speeches. He accused them of being “allies of terrorism” and disqualified them because, according to him, they wanted to hand over their power to the imperialists. , In the midst of pain; They are not asking, they are demanding the withdrawal of the authorities and the establishment of terrorists in government in the service of the Yankees, ”Ordega said.

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Recently, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) issued precautionary measures in support of Monsignor Juan Apelardo Mata, who she considered vulnerable and a victim of the siege.