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Gerardo Mejia, Rich and Smooth Kentucky "Colonel" |  people |  entertainment

Gerardo Mejia, Rich and Smooth Kentucky “Colonel” | people | entertainment

The Ecuadorean singer was awarded a large medal by the American authorities in his hometown.

He was in House of Grace, the Christian church he runs in Kentucky, United States where he lives with his family. There, the Ecuadorean singer Gerardo Mejia was surprised to learn that he was recognized by one of the highest distinctions given to the inhabitants of the city.

“Today, I received, they made me a surprise in the church where I preach. They gave me that designation of Colonel Kentucky. That (recognition) is given to certain persons, the Governor, for the work they do with the community and for the faith one maintains. It is a great honor not to I was expecting him and it is a very beautiful thing, because I think I am the first Ecuadorean immigrant to receive him.”

The plaque he received states, “The appointment of a Kentucky colonel is the highest honorary title bestowed by the Governor of Kentucky, in recognition of a person’s outstanding accomplishments and outstanding service to the community, state, and nation. Kentucky colonels are unwavering in their devotion to faith, family, the common good, and the homeland.” (I)

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