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Geraldine Bazan is making waves for being natural

Geraldine Bazan is making waves for being natural

A few days after she turned 41 years old… Geraldine Bazan Enjoy life and look radiant. In fact, the actress decided to show herself naturally, without a drop of makeup and with close-ups of her face that allow us to appreciate how beautiful her face is. And so he released a series of photos where natural light illuminates his face.

“Even in the shadows, your light always shines,” Bazan wrote on his Instagram account accompanying the photos.

Netizens could not resist and immediately spoke out in front of the footage of Olga Ancera Cervantes' interpreter in the second part of the series. Crown of tears Fill it with praise. “Sweet, pretty, pretty, beautiful, exquisite, precious, gorgeous, majestic, girls' girl, princess of princesses, queen of queens, muse of the muses' dreams; every moment elegantly, brilliantly and utterly electrifying. Goddess of the Goddess!! “Sublime, icy, enchanting woman, Radiant, stellar and heavenly, Mademoiselle Géraldine Bazin!!!,” one follower mentioned.

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“You are beautiful. God bless you always. You shine like the light of the sky”; “My skin is beautiful and beautiful!”; “What a beautiful woman, God's truth!”; “And it shines to illuminate the hearts of love and passion.” “Those big eyes adorn her beauty”; “Natural beauty. Geraldine Bazin is always beautiful”; “Beautiful as usual”; Other comments were, “Because you are a human being full of your light and you radiate your beautiful light to us all. Never change,” and “That's right, never stop shining.”

Everything seems to indicate that Geraldine Bazan is starting a new life cycle with a great attitude and, as she mentioned before the end of 2023, she has many professional projects for this new year. Will there be a friend at the door?

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