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García Torrano revealed that the fight between Vittelson and Pelaez was not planned

García Torrano revealed that the fight between Vittelson and Pelaez was not planned

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fighting between David Fittelson s Ricardo Pelayes Which happened during the release of ‘Futbol Picante’ in 2018 She didn’t have an iota of it planned Even the security elements had to intervene so that the problem would not occur to the major companies.

in chat with Luis Garcia, former ESPN member, Angel Garcia Turaneo, remembers the embarrassing moment that was the inspiration for countless memes and that It has already been stored in the collective imagination.

Nothing was planned in David and Belaz’s fight (Where she says) “You’re stupid,” I was sitting next to her. When you see him being serious, you realize when things lose control. The producers, you know, said “let’s take a break” and yes the producers came and Lowered the safety elements of the class“It is to explain.

What happened between Vitelson and Baileys?

In a talk reviewing the day of Liga MX, comparisons were made between tigers and americaClubs that have increased their competition in recent years.

Little by little the discussion increased until it came to a point where Feltelson indicated to Pelaez that he had left Azulcrema because Miguel Herrera asked for itWhich sparked the discussion.

“What I am saying, and you know Ricardo well, is that Miguel Herrera negotiated his arrival in America He asks you in return to leave America so simply.”

The first thing that occurred to Belaz was to say “You stupid”While Rafael Puente, Angel García Torrano and Alejandro de la Rosa smiled shyly. Then Feltonson asked me to repeat what he had said and there the director pointed out before they went to court: “What I heard, if you want, I can repeat it on air. Do you want me to repeat it?”.

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