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‘Game of Thrones’ accuses Florida government of making state a ‘hostile’ place

‘Game of Thrones’ accuses Florida government of making state a ‘hostile’ place

Miami An international convention of fans of the television series “Game of Thrones” in Orlando, Florida, has been canceled due to the state’s “government actions” that made it “a hostile and unsafe place for our participants and employees.” The order of the organization informed Efe this Friday.

“Unfortunately, the recent discriminatory and dangerous law in Florida and the resulting inhospitable atmosphere has resulted in travel advisories from the Human Rights Campaign, the NAACP and various LGBTQ+ groups,” Tori Bryan, director of communications for Mischief Management, told Efe today. Responsible for the gathering of Khan of Thrones.

This Thursday, the organization released a statement saying it was canceling a conference scheduled for August 25 to 27 in Orlando due to the “increasingly anti-humanitarian law and situation” perceived in Florida.

Brian explained today that the decision, based on “feedback from partners, attendees and guests” at the event, “has made it clear that if we continue with ‘Con of Thrones 2023’ it will not be the level of event that the community expects and deserves.”

“Putting together a convention is like a big puzzle: everything affects everything else. Taking into account the opinions of the participants, it is clear that continuing with Con of Thrones 2023 in Orlando will harm them and our organization,” said the board, adding that the event will not take place this year.

The international gathering has been running continuously since 2017 and offers more than 100 hours of programming, including panels and other experiences that attract many fans of the “Game of Thrones” universe and author George RR Martin.

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The event planned in Orlando will include the participation of such actors as “Game of Thrones” Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran), Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister), Jerome Flynn (Bran), Kate Dickey (Lysa Arryn). WKMG Television Channel.

The popular TV series “Game of Thrones” combines elements of fantasy and epic with Peter Dinklage, Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke and is one of the most popular series in the world.

In recent months, several immigration advocacy and human rights organizations have issued “travel advisories” to minorities, immigrants and LGBTQ+ people planning to travel to Florida because of laws they believe are hostile and restrictive.

LGBTQ community organization Equality Florida warned those planning to travel or immigrate to the state that the laws and policies are in place, or pose a “serious risk” to their health and safety.

Equality Florida’s “travel advisory” is similar to those previously issued by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the largest organization in the African-American community, or the Florida Immigrant Coalition.

About 200 bills approved by state Congress this year with Republican majorities take effect July 1, among others.

“We ask them to come. Just remember what kind of state this is,” said Gran Riley, president of the NAACP office in Orange County, where Orlando is located.

“When it comes to Florida, we feel it’s time to warn them that they’re entering hostile territory,” Riley added.

For its part, the League of United Latino American Citizens (LULAC) condemned Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ “anti-immigrant and anti-Christian family bashing” and warned Hispanics visiting the state to be cautious.

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