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A Cuban family blocked a hotel reservation in Los Cayos

A Cuban family blocked a hotel reservation in Los Cayos

A Cuban couple who planned to spend their honeymoon at the Cayo Coco Hotel had their dream dashed when they were told they could only book from abroad.

Johanna Zola Alvarez Condemnation on his wall Facebook What happened to her daughter-in-law when she went to the reservation desks located at 23 e/ L y M del Vedado central street on the ground floor of the Habana Libre Hotel.

“They inform him (at both) that there are no reservations for Cubans, only reservations abroad,” he said.

Captured by Facebook / Johanna Jolá Alvarez

A netizen questioned that Cubans were not banned from the official pages and that these events were happening in plain sight.

“We Cubans must take priority in our little land. Discriminatory policies are unjustified and very harmful. I invite anyone who wants to verify what I say,” he said.

Johanna described as “inexcusable” what is happening in Cuba, whose residents cannot book hotel accommodation, and can only do so if someone pays for it from abroad.

“It’s outrageous when we know how much it costs any average family to go on vacation,” he lamented.

The woman added that although there were possibilities to resolve her son and daughter-in-law’s situation, she thought of those who had no one outside.

“One can solve but… those who don’t have that possibility, kill them? Nah, silence can’t be an option,” he said.

The complaint comes to light two weeks after the administration Hotel Angsana Cayo Santa María apologizes for the letter sent On social networks with the facility’s letterhead, it informed its workers that Cubans would not be able to stay at the center, after denying that information in previous days.

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In a new communication signed by the hotel’s director of sales and marketing, they “clarified” the fact and confirmed that it was a typo, something they had recently denied in an official note by the Gaviota Hotel Group.

“The information is not properly drafted and misrepresents the said action. Therefore, we request you to ignore it,” the new letter said.

The company apologized for the confusion and pointed out that national tourists can book at their hotel. Reservations are carried out through business partners and not through illegal shopping sites”.

According to him The document was leaked a few days agoHotel staff should “carefully check the nationality” of their customers.

“If a Cuban customer is screened on a reservation, we find it an unfortunate necessity to deny them entry to the hotel and immediately cancel their reservation without additional charge. This action is non-negotiable,” the document said.

“We would like to emphasize that this action is not due to discrimination, but we have to comply with the policies and rules of our franchisees,” said the hotel’s director of sales and marketing.

A text signed by director Debbie Gomes Luna about the new move was quickly denied by Kaviota, who belongs to the military-owned Business Administration of SA (GAESA).

Last April, a Foreign Ministry official assured Americans visiting the island In Cuba, unlike in the United States, hotels are owned by the people.

Johanna Tablada, deputy director general of the organization’s United States directorate, told leaders of more than 150 movements and community organizations in the country that money spent by foreigners in the country goes to public services.

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“The exact opposite of what the US says, money goes to the military, they talk about it all the time. For Cuba, the owners of the hotels are the Cuban people, you are the money. The cost of the hotel goes to public services, health, education,” he said.