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From the Philippines, Chiquis Rivera shows curves in a swimsuit

From the Philippines, Chiquis Rivera shows curves in a swimsuit

Chiquis Rivera Took a few days off Filipinowhere he enjoyed its beaches and wore The best viewsWho is proud of him with a great body. The singer shared a series of photos on her Instagram account in which she showed off her curves by wearing a cute swimsuit, which is perfect for any body type. In addition, take the opportunity to send a thank-you note for everything Live this year 2022.

daughter of the Jenny Rivera She has become the epitome of fashion and self-love for women, for being a girl.”winding“He verified that he can wear any kind of clothes, from those rfitted pieces that accentuate your figure, Even the boldest that show more skin, Like the flirty bikinis Which he showed on his trip to the Asian country, where he stole looks with his style.

The singer shows off her figure in a bikini on IGchiquis

Chiquis Rivera dazzles in a swimsuit

The 37-year-old singer shared 5.6 million followers on the platform Goal A series of photos in which he shows a little more about his trip to the beaches Filipino. Likewise, he showed that he is not afraid of being seen in nature, because in pictures he is He was just wearing a bun and face without Make-upsimilarly conquered Show off your curves With youSwimming suit, This is what made her spin the net and crown herself as a style icon for days by the sea.

Translator “Queen beeCheck it out, it looks great too Two-piece swimsuit, also highlights her curvaceous figure in full bathing suits that stand out in her designs. In one of the pictures you can see chiquis With her back to the camera, she shows her beach outfit, which she loved because of its low-back style tied with ribbons, which gave it a more sensual touch.

Chiquis also stars in a full IGchiquis outfit

In another postcard he took in front of the sea, he is seen standing on his knees and dressed Two piece black swimsuit which he made clear that he felt it She is proud of her body and likes to show it off With this kind of clothes. in this way, Chiquis Rivera She has set herself as an example to many plus-size women like herself who want to stop hiding their figure, especially when they go to the beach.

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“No makeup. Hair in a bun. Vitamin C and E…just what my heart needs before the new year starts! Thank you, God, thank you 2022.” (Without makeup. Hair in a bun. Vitamin C and E … Just what my heart needed before the start of the new year! Alhamdulillah! ?? Thank you 2022), was the phrase with which the singer shared photos that received hundreds of positive messages from his fans, in addition to More than 300 thousand “likes”.

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