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From science to sports, Hondurans stand out in the world

From science to sports, Hondurans stand out in the world

Tegucigalpa Honduras celebrated the 201st anniversary of its independence, two years after it was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, while many of its citizens have highlighted the name of their native country around the world so far this year in various fields, sciences, arts and sports.

The first nine months of 2022 were marked by an even greater brilliance for the world’s Hondurans, as the science, arts, and sports community witnessed the presence of those born on the land of Lempira, Morazán and Valle, among other greats. country numbers.

While some international institutions and with the support of some citizens position the country as the poorest in Latin America, at the individual level, Hondurans strive to climb the highest positions and thus send a message to the world that the quality of citizenship is greater than the institution of the nation.

It should be noted that women are most prominent in the world of science, as well as in the field of weapons, areas that in the past were the domain of men.

Honduran scientist Maria Elena Botazi, with a team from the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, has managed to develop a low-cost vaccine against COVID-19.

for the Nobel Peace Prize

Renowned Honduran scientist Maria Elena Botazzi, with a team from the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, has managed to develop a low-cost, patented vaccine against COVID-19, so that everyone can benefit from it to vaccinate residents of poor countries.

A vaccine called curbivax got permission From Indian authorities for emergency use.

Due to the open patent status, Dr. Botazzi and Dr. Peter Hotez have been nominated to be Honored with the Nobel Peace Prize Awarded by the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

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US Congressman Lizzie Fletcher Wrote To the aforementioned committee, assuming that the two scientists will be distinguished by the highest Nobel Prize, which will be awarded next October.

“Dr. Hotez and Dr. Botazzi’s efforts to develop the Courbifax vaccine are truly an international collaboration and partnership to bring health, safety and peace to the entire world by creating and making a COVID-19 vaccine available to everyone,” Congresswoman Fletcher said in her letter last February. .

Diolanda Caballero participated in Operation Deep Freeze 2022 in Antarctica for the Coast Guard.


In the southern continent of the world, Antarctica, was found Honduras flag board For the first time in the hands of the young Honduran Diolanda Caballero, who participated in the supply and investigation mission for the North American Coast Guard.

Little Catracha said Caballero, the daughter of Honduran parents, raised a five-star flag in honor of the country and the pride of her parents.

Caballero participated in Operation Deep Freeze 2022 for the Antarctic Coast Guard, which is responsible for studying the impact of climate in the southern region, as well as penguin colonies.

The young Honduran indicated that it will seek to participate in other scientific missions of the US Coast Guard, where it provides its services.

Cesia Sáenz managed to win first place in the traditional competition of the Azteca Television Academy, from Mexico.

Hits at music festivals

Also on the women’s side, Honduras has achieved success at international music festivals, where the voice of the Catracha woman has succeeded in persuading the audience and judges beyond the rest of the participants.

Cesia Sáenz managed to win first place in the traditional competition of the Azteca Television Academy, from Mexico.

Sainz crowned his victory with the success that Honduran artists gradually achieved, since in the previous two editions the Honduran singers achieved third and second places in the same music competition.

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15-year-old Carla Zaldivar won the reality show “Idol Kids” in Spain.

A few weeks later, international victories in the musical sphere continued, this time on the Old Continent, when the young Honduran Carla Zaldivar won the reality show “Idol Kids” in a children’s talent competition in Spain.

The 15-year-old sang the song Feeling Good which impressed the judges and the audience with her performance.

The judges described the Honduran interpretation of “feel good” as sublime.

Young Honduran Valeria Viana won a competition at the 44th Chess Olympiad in Chennai, India.


Sport in Honduras, outside of football, has been an international success so far this year.

In the so-called sports science, youth Honduras won Valeria Viana Recently, there was a competition in the 44th Chess Olympiad in Chennai, India which will allow her to be a candidate for Masters of the game by the World Chess Federation (WCM).

The victory of the teen from San Pedro is colossal, as it would put the country in this science game by placing it as a candidate for the teacher, one of the sport’s greatest distinctions that would place it in the global elite.

His youth promises that Viana can have an evolution in this sport that requires many hours of study to be ahead of the competition.

Honduran Ronald Quintero defied nature and embarked on a mission to “conquer” Mount Everest.

Everest, another “invasion” of Katracha

But the desire and determination of Hondurans to achieve success goes beyond traditional sciences, arts and sports, they also focus on sports or special activities that require a lot of concentration and physical and mental effort.

spit This is what Honduran Ronald Quintero did Who defied nature and embarked on a mission to “conquer” Mount Everest, the world’s tallest mountain at 8,848 meters and where the Honduran flag flies.

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Quintero’s work was congratulated on the official Twitter account EverestToday: “Congratulations to Ronald Quintero, the first Honduran to reach the summit of Mount Everest (8848.86 m), the highest mountain in the world!”

Intibucá is the home of Camasca, another Honduran who emigrated abroad and has brought national pride to prove the ability of the Catracchus.

Lieutenant Colonel Dinora Elizabeth Molina takes command of the United Nations military peacekeeping mission.


In the military sphere, Honduras also stands out in the most inhospitable places such as the desert, where Lieutenant-Colonel Dinora Elizabeth Molina took command of the UN military peace mission.

This international mission is tasked with maintaining peace in that region of the world, which is contested by states and armed groups seeking independence.

Honduras has been a part of this mission for decades, hence a military officer was recognized to be the one to lead it.

The Honduran unit consists of 10 elements, four of whom are women. note.