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The Mavericks prescribe the same medication to the Heat and break their winning streak

The Mavericks prescribe the same medication to the Heat and break their winning streak

You can’t always win and you can’t always win in the FTX Arena.

On Tuesday, February 15, the Heat saw their five-game winning streak broken against the Mavericks, who had prescribed their own medication.

In a game completely different from the previous games, the Miami team lost until the last quarter after they gave up their lucky quarter, which is the third, but they could not get up and the Dallas five-way team won a good 107-99 with a very good score. Defense and better aim.

The key was overconfidence, poor ball movement and an attacking breakdown, especially on three-point shots (25.3%). The worst thing is that coach Eric Spoelstra did not know how to act in time and in such a close match he kept Gabi Vicente on the field for a long time (29:23) who neither defended (-6) nor scored (4 points).

Interestingly, Spoelstra praised the Mavericks’ size.

“Not every team can and has a lot of size, and that’s what makes it unique,” Spoilstra said. “They don’t have to have a wild front streak, but they are all 6-8 except for Bronson.”

Thus, the Heat (37-21) was overtaken by the Bulls (37-21) in the Upper East prior to the Hornets’ visit on Thursday.

Miami’s 41.7 percent shot is a modest and only 19 assists compared to Dallas’s 44.7 percent (43.9 percent in 3 seconds) and 27 assists.

Heat player Kyle Lowry goes to the brink against tag Sterling Brown (0) and Maxi Clipper, of the Dallas Mavericks, in their game February 15, 2022 in Miami.

Only two players were saved from burning twice, the doubles stars Jimmy Butler and Pam Adebayo, who added 50 points, Butler scored 29 rebounds and 10 rebounds, while Adebayo scored 21 and grabbed 12 rebounds.

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Kyle Lowry, despite the fact that he finished with 13 units, was not very successful with only four passes and a difference of -14 betrays him, while Omar Yurtseven reached 11 points and eight rebounds.

“We weren’t aggressive enough,” Lowry said. “We play at our own pace.”

Haywood Highsmith, set this Tuesday for 10 days, made his Heat debut and didn’t look bad with six points.,

Neither was Tyler Hero (knee) nor Caleb Martin (Achilles), who on Tuesday signed a regular contract with Miami and the team missed them.

Heat player Pam Adebayo steps into the basket against tag Dwight Powell, of the Dallas Mavericks, in the game February 15, 2022 in Miami.

Heat player Pam Adebayo steps into the basket against tag Dwight Powell, of the Dallas Mavericks, in the game February 15, 2022 in Miami.

For Dallas, Luka Doncic featured with 21 draws and 10 rebounds, Maxi Clipper with 19, Jalen Brosson with 19, Dorian Finney-Smith with 14, and Davis Bertans with 12.

“Doncic was our focal point,” said Yurtseven. “He is a really talented player. We tried to make all his readings difficult and get the ball out of his hands.”


At the end of the first half, the FTX Arena scoreboard mirrored 59-51 for The Heat as a true picture of what happened on the field during the first two quarters, as Adebayo grew in attack with 13 points and a great defense on the other side of the field.

The first ended 28-23 in favor of Miami after points 7 and 8 by Yurtseven with a basket at the bell. The Capital del Sol quintet started a little late, but later turned the score around and then, entering unit two, expanded the advantage.

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In the second half, the Heat continued their good play and took the quarter 31-28 to widen the gap to eight at halftime.

This time the third was a disaster for Miami and Dallas with 11 points from Doncic who not only finished fourth 30-19, but turned the result to 81-78. The Heat went up by 11 in the quarter, but eventually they collapsed and the Mavs took advantage of that to tie first with 1:05 to go and then take the lead.

Caleb Martin signs record contract with The Heat; While Goran Dragic can come

And so, with three points behind, the five from Capital del Sol reached the crucial fourth quarter, but out of the way they saw how Mafs extended it to 10 with nine minutes to play. Then he tried to strike back, but the damage was done, but with Butler up front they came close to three five minutes before the end.

But the Heat faded in attack and scored only six points with Robinson (5 cartons) off the bench and Dallas managed to win the quarter 26-21 and thus took Miami’s victory by eight points.