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Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Dollars at the CADECA Deposit Card

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Dollars at the CADECA Deposit Card

On Wednesday, CADECA announced its new service for the sale of dollars in Cuba to be deposited with magnetic cards. In this article, some questions and answers on this topic.

After informing their customers, through the exchange network, they explained to the Cubans some major doubts about the service that had already started in all the offices of the country. Cuban Directory It provides its readers with a summary of the entity’s responses.

What is the sale of CADECA dollars to deposit on magnetic cards?

In general, they specify that “the new service is booked through the Ticket application”, and the customer will be able to buy US dollars to add to his magnetic card.

What is the ticket?

he Cuban platform That allows you to make reservations for some services on the island. You can use it on the web or through its app. The user who cannot have the application can go to the Joven Club de ComputaciĆ³n in order to be able to book their turn.

How much dollars can CADECA sell?

They sell for up to $100 USD. A customer who does not wish to purchase the total limit can purchase the amount he wants. The credit is done in real time and the amount that the customer buys is what is deposited in his card, for example: if he buys 40 USD it is the amount he owes, if he buys 100 USD it is the amount he credits. .

With the new service, if I buy CADECA dollars, will they give me cash?

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No, the client will not have cash in his hands, it will be automatically credited to his magnetic card.

How many queues do you have to make to be able to buy CADECA dollars and deposit them into the card?

If the customer already has a reservation through the ticketing platform, the only thing different is when the customer reaches the window, they choose which operation to perform.

You can perform only one operation, which can be:

  1. Buy the cash and credit you want,
  2. obtaining and not depositing cash,
  3. Or buy virtual coins to add on.

What happens if I’m already in the ticket waiting room?

If you are already in the waiting room, all you have to do is check daily to see when your ticket is notified. When you have and attend CADECA, you are requesting said service.

Can a third person do this service for me at CADECA?

no. The person must present himself with his ID and magnetic card.