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For two days, the Court of Human Rights EL UNIVERSO |  Politics |  News

For two days, the Court of Human Rights EL UNIVERSO | Politics | News

The final decision in the case could take up to two months.

The U.S. Court of Human Rights (I / A Court HR) will address the EL UNIVERSO case at a two-day public hearing that will be held electronically from Costa Rica.

The organization decided to tackle this process on Monday, June 14 and Tuesday, June 15 as part of the 142nd Ordinary Sessions. The trial will be set up in Costa Rica at 08:00 (09:00 in Ecuador).

La Corte I.T.H. I learned about this process after a sentence was passed in Ecuador against the directors of this newspaper, Carlos, Caesar and Nicolas Perez, and former commentator Emilio Palacio sued then-President Rafael Correa.

The former president has sued Palacio for insulting him for his article ‘No Lies’ (Released February 6, 2011) and Directors of EL UNIVERSO as contributing authors. In his article, Palacio refers to the 30S police uprising. The Ecuadorian judiciary ruled in favor of Korea in the first and second cases.

After the suspension, in 2012, Ecumandario announced the acquittal. After settling judicial positions in the Ecuadorian system, the Perez and Palacio brothers went to the International Courts in one case for their human rights abuses and violations of freedom of expression.

This process is called within the US-US court The case of Emilio Palacio Urutia et al (No. 13,015). The interpretation points out that “the case relates to a series of alleged human rights abuses by former journalists Rafael, Korean journalists Emilio Palacios and L. Universo … derived from alleged criminal activity against the directors of the magazine.” A piece of opinion on high public interest.

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The El Universo case goes to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights

In the case, it is argued that the judiciary He was sentenced to three years in prison and a $ 30 million civil sentence For committing the crime of “gross contempt of authority” to the detriment of the journalist and the director of the newspaper. I know Claims that 10 million civil sentences were established against the legal person.

Similarly, the facts of this case have been framed in an environment approved by the IACR Office of the Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression, in which various violations and setbacks were found.

Prior to the case, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights ruled that the Ecuadorian government had violated the right to freedom of thought and expression and the policy of legal and retrospective action of the journalist and the three directors.

At the public hearing convened by the US-US tribunal, allegations, observations and reports will be obtained from the directors of EL UNIVERSO, its former opinion editor, designated experts and witnesses. The government will also present its arguments through the Attorney General’s Office.

They will be exhibits obtained electronically. The victims’ attorneys will be the first site, and they will make an introduction to explain the case. The Office of the Attorney General may respond as a defendant. Victims will then be given their version. Emilio Palacio and Caesar Perez will speak.

Experts appointed by the parties will also be present at the hearing. The Corte I.T.H. He appointed his own expert to assist him in various issues. Experts have already submitted reports and are expected to be cross-examined by the opposition.

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The IACHR reports on the submission to the Inter-American Tribunal of the El Universo case

Once the final arguments are presented and the petition is finalized, the hearing will continue until noon on Tuesday.

After receiving all the arguments, the inter-American tribunal of seven judges will take a break. Hernான்n Perez, part of EL UNIVERSO’s legal team, estimates the final outcome of the case could take about two months.

“Judge Patricio Pasmino will not take part in the public hearing, nor will he discuss the sentence in this case because he is from Ecuador,” the summons was expected.

Pasmino was nominated to the U.S.-US court during the government of former President Raphael Korea. Before that there was the Constitutional Court in that period.

In addition to the EL UNIVERSO case, the court is executing 10 more proceedings in Ecuador. There are 31 cases with one sentence and 9 provisional measures have been granted.

“There will be a public hearing Broadcast live In Costa Rica on Mondays and Tuesdays from 08:00 AM through our social networks, ”the court’s press office said.

Who will create the US-US court?

  • Chairman: Elizabeth Odeo Benito, Costa Rica
  • Vice President: Patricio Pasmino, Ecuador
  • Judge Eduardo Vio Grossi, Chile
  • Judge Humberto Sierra Porto, Colombia
  • Judge Eduardo Ferrer McGregor Poissot, Mexico
  • Judge Eugenio Jaffaroni, Argentina
  • Judge Ricardo Perez, Uruguay