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Maj. Gen. Luis Alberto Lopez-Galleja elected Deputy Speaker of the Cuban Parliament in Villa Clara

Maj. Gen. Luis Alberto Lopez-Galleja elected Deputy Speaker of the Cuban Parliament in Villa Clara

Major General LouIAlberto Rodriguez Lopez-Galleja was elected vice-president of the National Assembly of People’s Power this Saturday in Remedios, Villa Clara., Acts as parliament on the island, State broadcaster CMHW reported.

Election of the Cuban General Given As chief consultant on the recent consultation of Miguel Diaz-Colonel For Mexico, it takes place on the 45th anniversary of the Elections of the People’s Power.

I will do my best to achieve the great honor that represents Remedios In the National Assembly of People’s Power, “said Lopez-Kalleja, president of the Cuban Military Federation. GAESA.

His inclusion in the Cuban parliament gives him the opportunity to run for president. But being 61 prevents that Constitution Real, Which determines the maximum age at 60 years.

Earlier this year Lopez-College Included in the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba (BCC)However, he continues to be an elusive figure in the press and is little known among Cubans.

Lopez-Colleges, Raul Castro’s ex-husband, He was part of the delegation that accompanied President Miguel Diaz-Colonel before joining the Political Bureau.

It was on his multi-country tour in late 2019, and in October 2018, while he was staying in New York for several days that he attended the 73rd show. Session of the United Nations General Assembly.

GAESA manages the Economic Division of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) and more than 50 companies In the most lucrative areas of the country such as tourism, remittances, banks, shops and markets, real estate, gas stations, import and export companies, shipping companies, construction companies and warehouses.

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US Government Lopez-Colleges was approved in September 2020When the Treasury Department added him to the list of people whose assets and bank accounts were frozen in that country at the behest of the Office of Foreign Property Control (OFAC, abbreviated in English) in Washington.