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For these reasons, the United States did not issue visas to Cuban delegations at the People's Summit

For these reasons, the United States did not issue visas to Cuban delegations at the People’s Summit

The Embassy of the United States of America labeled as false accusations Speakers And the official media of the Cuban regime that They unjustly refused visas to 23 Cubans Who will come as delegates from Havana to the summit of the peoples parallel to the neighboring summit top of the americas.

“The accusations that we unjustly refused to grant visas to the People’s Summit are false,” the embassy said in a statement. Twitter message.

“Due to the departure of non-emergency personnel due to unusual health incidents, Nonimmigrant visa appointments are only available in very limited circumstances.”The memo indicated, in reference to the so-called “Havana syndrome”, which in 2017 caused Washington to practically close this diplomatic representation, after dozens of officials and their relatives fell ill in Cuba.

“Cubans seeking other dates to obtain a nonimmigrant visa must apply at a US embassy or consulate outside Cuba.”Note finished.

Although the US State Department announced in April that it would increase the number of consular staff to restore diplomatic headquarters functions and speed up processing of pending cases, the embassy made it clear this week that “There are no immediate changes to consular services” who lent him to the island afterwards New measures announced by the Biden administration.

On this topic, the embassy in Havana concluded in its statement: “As the consular section (…) begins to provide other services, we will provide additional information through the embassy’s website.”

This week, official journalist Joanna Carrasco complained to the newspaper Rebel youth From what The United States also rejects the participation of our civil society “in the Summit of the Americas.”to which the People’s Summit for Democracy is a side event.

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According to the spokeswoman, among the 23 people “Washington closes the doors to the Cuban people so that the voice of the Cuban people is not heard” is the Cuban scientist and doctor Tania Crompet Ramos, a member of the World Academy of Sciences, who contributed to the development of various vaccines. Reinres Salas Perez, Olympic wrestler who won a bronze medal in Tokyo; Jorge Gonzalez Nunez, a gay Christian student leader, and “many others, such as journalists, artists, trade unionists, and community leaders”.

The delegations sent by the regime to the recent Summits of the Americas, presented as civil society, are in fact official representatives Which made heinous performances and acts of repudiation and physical assault against representatives of organizations that have no connection with the Cuban regime or the exile.

For example, the delegation sent by the Cuban government to Peru in 2018 sabotaged forums where dissidents and exiles participated. For months, the state security apparatus has been banning independent activists and journalists from traveling abroad to reduce their presence at the Summit of the Americas.

They have acted similarly before, In 2015, in Panama, where some elements of this regime’s civil society became famous for some hysterical displays.

Susili Morva, who was awarded the title of “Millionaire Psychologist” at the 2015 Summit of the Americas, is today the Regional Secretary of the Communist Party of Matanzas after serving as First Secretary of the Cuban Union of Young Communists (UJC).

Murva became famous when his broken face who had defended the Cuban regime during a divorce at that event spread around the world.as well as the nicknames “rats” with which he described dissidents and exiles who attended some of the hemisphere meeting forums.

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