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Hoy es viernes y es Día del Borracho, pero cuidado, no te embriagues

Today is Friday and it’s drunken day, but be careful, don’t get drunk

For those who enjoy cold beer, cocktail and have fun while having a drink with friends, drunk daywhich is a somewhat unusual history in which people They celebrate alcohol and party every May 20th.

It appeared in Mexico around 2005, According to some, an initiative on the social networks Messenger and MySpace where they posted pictures of beer and videos of drunk people. Since then, this date has become popular every year in many Latin American and European countries due to the strange way in which users celebrate.

Memes became “the car” To share jokes and phrases about alcohol consumption, Mostly geared to share a drink with loved ones and go out to party.

It’s not a date drawn as “official,” however, consumers and alcohol lovers assume it’s a day on the calendar that can’t be missed. This time on Friday. Weekend party opportunity.

How do you celebrate Sugar Day?

Considering that alcohol in large quantities It can be harmful to healthAccording to Public Health Law No. 42-01, here are some ways you can honor this day:

Take advantage of discounts In discos, bars, clubs and restaurants. Most of them take advantage of history to launch a “happy hour” or “open bar” to consumers.

– Join Facebook group Celebrate the date. It’s a chance to build relationships, get out and have fun.

Have a drink in the company. Wine with good company can be the perfect formula for an unforgettable evening.

Post a meme. It’s a good day to join the trend in social networks on this date.

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– Participation in a A tour of different places To try drinks, cocktails, beer, wine and other types of alcoholic beverages.