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The Santa Elena Court decided to announce the revocation of the 'habeas corpus' order granted to Jorge Glass |  approach |  News

The Santa Elena Court decided to announce the revocation of the ‘habeas corpus’ order granted to Jorge Glass | approach | News

The Santa Elena District Court has announced that it will take eight days to decide “by file” an appeal filed by the National Comprehensive Care Service for Deprived Adults and Adolescents Delinquents (SNAI) and the attorney general’s office. state general to me Issuing a summons Awarded to former Vice President Jorge Glass on April 9. However, on Friday, May 20, it was reported that the three judges, by unanimous criteria, decided to declare the whole process invalid.

“This multi-jurisdictional circuit decides, by unanimous criteria, that: to declare null and void all actions taken by the Magistrate’s Judicial Unit Magistrate, Apg. Diego Javier Moscoso Cedeno, for lack of jurisdiction due to the territory in dealing with a case Issuing a summons No. 24202-2022-00017T, as well as causing an inability to defend by not citing the action that should have been negatively legitimized in this case, that is, the State Prosecutor”, the process indicates.

Jorge Glass’s defense still has a way to overturn the Santa Elena court’s decision

Given this, arrange them”Instant location, pick up and transfer Citizen Ing. Jorge David Glass Espinel To the Regional Social Rehabilitation Center Sierra Centro Norte CotopaxiAnd which have been arranged to assume the functions of Commander-in-Chief of the National Police, for immediate and mandatory compliance with this constitutional resolution regardless of any action or resource.

In addition, the judges asked to “report to the state attorney general’s office, in order to investigate the conduct of all officials in the National Service for the Comprehensive Care of Adults Deprived of Liberty and Adolescent Offenders (SNAI) who have interfered in the current case.”

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The State Attorney’s Office should also investigate the actions of officials in the Mangalaralto District Multi-jurisdictional Unit who interfered with the recall and processing of Constitutional Process 24202-2022-00017.

The court asked to “refer the file to the Latacunga Lottery Chamber so that the competent judge may hear and decide the case,” as well as “declare the existence of an unjustifiable error, classified as a disciplinary offense in Article 109, No. 7, of the Organic Law of the Judicial Function, in the actions of a lawyer Moscoso in his capacity as judge of the interdisciplinary judicial unit located in the Diocese of Manglaralto, Canton and County of Santa Elena, in the framework of Operation 24202-2022-00017, in accordance with Article 131.3 of the Organic Law of the Judicial Function “.

“Based on the foregoing, it was decided to notify the Regional Directorate of the Santa Elena Judicial Council of this previous judicial declaration of an undue error, attaching certified copies of the file so that the corresponding administrative summary can be started,” the process quoted.

The three regional court judges, Silvana Caicedo (Rapporteur), Kleber Franco and Juan CamachoListen on Wednesday To the lawyers of SNAI, Attorney General ñigo Salvador and delegates of social groups associated with and opposed to Glas who have presented more than a dozen of court friends (Writing from a third party interested in an issue).

The hearing lasted four hours in the absence of Glass and her lawyer, as well as the absence of Nicole Malavé and her legal representatives.

The latter is the korista activist who filed an appeal Issuing a summonsIn favor of the former president before Judge Moscoso, who is currently in custody. (me)

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