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For the first time in Cuba the Congress of Geospatial Sciences - Prensa Latina

For the first time in Cuba the Congress of Geospatial Sciences – Prensa Latina

Rudi Monteiro Mata, Director of the Institute of Geophysics and Astronomy and event chairperson, told Prensa Latina that holding two symposiums within the framework of previous conferences with important technical exchanges and dissemination of contributions to this science, demanded that the conference should be held and that it would conclude tomorrow.

Monteiro Mata specified that they have 127 presentations that will address, among other topics, the sciences related to disaster risk reduction and risk and vulnerability studies in the whole country, the latter being applied inside and outside the country under national and international agreements.

He commented, “In Cuba, these studies have been carried out since 2007. There is now very extensive experience with new methodological tools that give us greater accuracy in risk identification processes, and new integration into the social dimension of vulnerability.”

He highlighted other investigations on the risks of geological and health origin with a single health approach such as epidemics, zoonoses (animals) and flora (plants), as well as Covid-19 and its impact in Cuba.

The conference will be a convenient place to address space sciences from health, communications, monitoring and alerting related to phenomena that have arisen in the atmosphere, for example, the proximity of objects to Earth.

Likewise, they are organizing a workshop in parallel with the conference related to migration in the face of climate change impacts, disaster phenomena and hazards and environmental degradation.

He added that this appointment will serve to uncover experiences about societies’ adaptation to these situations through projects such as coastal resilience in the Sabana-Camagüey ecosystem (center), led by this institute, and the carzo study, among others.

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He concluded by saying that contributing to sustainable development, raising the perception of risks among our population, in addition to evaluating the challenges and expectations that the scientific community and the various sectors of society will be integrated into, are the objectives of the conference.

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