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Florida markets were packed with people before Hurricane Adalia hit.  These are the most purchased products

Florida markets were packed with people before Hurricane Adalia hit. These are the most purchased products

Florida markets, especially those in Tampa, are currently crowded with residents trying to make last-minute purchases to weather the passage of Hurricane Adalia. Above all, food and basic necessities are procured to deal with any weather emergency.

State authorities and meteorologists urged residents not to leave shopping for everything they might need over the next few days until the last minute.

Meteorologist Anthony Raines has been emphatic in the past few hours when he states that they must stockpile food for several days. “You have to make sure you have food and supplies, such as non-perishable canned food, for all of your family, for at least 7 days,” the expert said, given the proximity of the hurricane, which has great potential and could reach a Category 3 rating.

From various markets in Tampa and the West Coast of Florida such as Publix, Costco And Bravo supermarket They indicated that they would work their usual hours until weather conditions permitted. If possible, some will open at 7 am on Wednesday.

“I know there’s a strong hurricane coming, so of course I like to have everything ready because you never know what’s going to happen, and we never know how long we’ll be limited, or if we’ll run out of products in stores,” said Tampa resident Lydia Roman.

What is the most purchased before the Idalia pass

Although it is not possible to speak at the present time of a noticeable shortage of products, those that can be finished sooner due to the high demand are gas cylinders, water, ice, bread, canned goods, non-perishable preserves, fruits and also a lot of beer.

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It is also news in recent hours that the authorities of several towns that could be affected have begun distributing sandbags as protection from the heavy flooding and sea penetration that Idalia could generate in the area.

Likewise, there is talk of a possible boost to the benefits of the SNAP program, commonly known as rewards or food stamps, through which food can be purchased at a large portion of Florida supermarkets and businesses.