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Five Cubans arrested for burglarizing homes in Michigan

Five Cubans arrested for burglarizing homes in Michigan

They were in a gang of sorts, a group of five Cubans in Michigan, USA, who were arrested by police officers on the morning of July 16, in an attempted armed robbery of a private house, where they met with resistance from the owner. and views, reported from page From Facebook, Midland City/County Police/EMS Scanner.

According to this information, five suspects were arrested in the attempted armed robbery, three of whom were immediately detained, one was shot by the owner and ended up in the hospital, while another tried to escape on foot, leading to a manhunt. Many policemen.

On this last occasion, the information states that the man “hitchhiked” and they picked him up, but the driver thought it suspicious and, because he didn’t understand English, called a relative and they told him he was a runaway. A wanted robbery. So he stopped at a McDonald’s in Gladwin and called 911. They say the police surrounded him and arrested him without suspicion.

We must add that law enforcement was relentless in arresting these suspects. They don’t know what to expect and put their lives on the line to keep our butts safe. “All suspects are innocent until proven otherwise,” they warned from this profile.

Cubans arrested in Michigan robbery

Who are the five arrested Cubans? According to the report, they were identified as Andy Gómez Niebla, Roberto Padrón alvarez, Yoany alvarez, Yuan Biart González and Jorge García Santiago.

Now we are going to provide them houses for the next 15 years. In a prison setting with free medical facility, room and board. Because they have rights,” one American ironically commented on social media.

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Although not comparable to Florida, Michigan is a US state. According to official sources, in 2010, less than a decade ago, there were almost 10,000 Cubans living in the state; Currently, this number will triple, with the arrival of more than 300,000 Cubans in the past two years. to America.