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Nearly half of Americans use their credit card to make purchases beyond their means

Nearly half of Americans use their credit card to make purchases beyond their means

A few days ago an investigation into the irresponsible financial attitude of the citizens of the United States was published.

The study notes that Americans lack control over their spending and this may have negative consequences over time.

The methods used across the country have led many Americans to irresponsible lifestyles regarding their personal finances. The results of the survey indicate that at least one third of the citizens do not have the funds to spend.

Due to this, people are being extorted because of money exchange without taking action. 28% of the population analyzed the claims of overpayment by credit cards, and this trend leads to an increase in debts.

16% of consumers surveyed are not in the habit of reviewing their credit card statements monthly. The volatility of financial transactions encourages ignorance of potential fraud cases.

45% of contacted users reported that magnetic cards induce over-purchasing. People who practice this consumer behavior are more likely to contract bad debts.


About 22% of those surveyed decide to buy in advance before paying and use bank cards for these maneuvers. 40% of the customers reached are using the maximum balance of the cards, which creates economic distortion.

Citizens who assisted the investigation have a series of criteria in accepted loans. These people stated the need to buy important products and admitted that they did not know how to plan their income.

The last argument presented by the assessees relates to the high inflationary levels affecting the nation. 20% of the respondents do not know how to solve their debt and 50% do not care about the harmful consequences of this situation.

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