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The United States government offers courses to learn English, and it’s 100% free – Enseñame de Ciencia

The United States government offers courses to learn English, and it’s 100% free – Enseñame de Ciencia

Maybe you don’t know, but the United States government offers courses to learn English absolutely free, which is shared through the page. America is learning. More than 7 million people learn English with USA Learns, a free online language learning website for adults. Do you want to learn or learn English? Read on you will definitely like this information!

In USA Learns website You can watch hundreds of video lessons and do thousands of activities to learn English. The courses it offers will teach you basic to intermediate English and help you improve your English vocabulary and listening skills and learn about everyday life in America.

What courses are available and how can I get started with USA Learns?

To register and explore all available content, you must log in and register to the USA Learns websiteComplete the required fields and confirm from the entered email.

You can find basic, intermediate English courses; There are others that teach you about nursing assistant skills and the information and language you need. The pending and general interest courses are as follows:

  • First English Course: A video-based online English course for elementary learners. This English course consists of 20 units that cover basic topics like time, clothes, weather, nearby places and more. Using video, photos, sound, graphics and text, online activities teach vocabulary, grammar, spelling and life skills, and allow you to practice listening, speaking, reading and writing in English.
  • 2nd English Course: A video-based English course for intermediate level learners. You will learn and practice English vocabulary, reading, writing, grammar, listening and life skills as you watch the stories of different characters who face the challenges of family, work and social life in America. Each of the 5 stories consists of 4 units or chapters. This second English course has a total of 20 units.
  • English and Reading Practice: This course is designed to help improve listening comprehension, vocabulary and reading in English. Contains intermediate level reading on a variety of topics. The stories originally came from news reports. Apart from reading the story yourself, you can also listen to the story being read by a native speaker.
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Link: You must go to register and start any course America is learning. If this doesn’t work, you can copy the following link into your browser: https://www.usalearns.org/student-home

Screenshot of the USA Learns site.

USA Learns is a free website that helps adults learn English online, with different courses that you can take whenever and wherever you want. Courses include hundreds of video lessons and thousands of English learning activities. With USA Learns, you can watch educational videos, listen to spoken English, and take English lessons without leaving your home, all you have to do is connect!

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