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FIFA confirms penalty for Mexico in World Cup qualifiers for anti-gay rant

FIFA confirms penalty for Mexico in World Cup qualifiers for anti-gay rant

Mexico will play its start to the World Cup qualifiers behind closed doors, due to FIFA’s punishment for anti-gay yelling. Although there is still doubt about the continuation of the penalty for the match against Canada

Mexico. – that FIFA The Mexican Football Federation informed that the match World Cup qualifiers September 2 next between Mexico Against Jamaica, they should play without an audience in the stands of the Azteca Stadium, while the match against Canada continues on October 7 in “We’ll see”, as the highest football body in the world has not yet made a decision. Subject.

This is the punishment that the FMF has already expected, sources say ESPNWhich confirmed the punishment of the veto at the beginning of the final CONCACAF octagon towards the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Disciplinary Committee of FIFA make this design for Anti-gay cries which were presented at CONCACAF Pre-Olympic last March in Guadalajara, while the final decision awaits whether the second elimination match will be played behind closed doors, the fourth of the Octagon and the second of the Tri at home, which will be held on October 7 against Canada.

The union, through its president, Yon de Luisa, sought to persuade the various organs of the union FIFA With who has been in talks about all the efforts that Mexican football has made for more than two years, at the level of the Federation and Liga MX, to stamp out the homophobic cry of the opponent’s goal-kick.