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The authorities from the Ministry of Internal Trade of Cuba (Mincin) have been informed through a very brief information note that the chicken sold through the supply book which is part of the depleted “basic basket” will start selling in May from today against the center of the country.

according to This statementbegins to be marketed “from the fifth, through the central provinces, specifically through Camaguey. Children up to 13 years of age will benefit from 1.5 pounds of the product and Over 14 years old with one pound per person“.

With this last ruling, the body retracted the procedure for taking out chicken and giving “minced meat and mortadella” to people over 14 years of age. A measure that left a very bad taste for Cubans who no longer knew how to forage for food and deal with the situation of scarcity and high prices.

Chicken from a winery in Cuba

From Mincin they explained that “medical diets are also guaranteed. The rest of the regions will be gradually integrated into the distribution, in accordance with the availability of the product. However, many users of Cuban wineries have complained on social networks because although they say they will be distributing “chicken mayo”, many are waiting for the February, March and April quota.

“This will be Chicken Mayo. Here in Havana in March they gave Chicken February. So my question is: Isn’t the chicken paid for March and April?” one of those affected wondered.

A week ago, Francisco Silva Herrera, Director General of Merchandise Sales of the Ministry of Domestic Trade (Mincin), assured the ruling party media that the May “chicken bodega” would be for children under 14 only. These statements caused a lot of controversy, even the famous actor Luis Silva reacted with insult to the procedure.

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