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Petro asserted that he is the chief prosecutor of the nation: they accuse him of being a “dictator” and “wanting to violate the division of powers.”

Pietro unleashes controversy by saying he is the boss of Attorney General Barbosa

Another real political storm unleashed for Colombian President Gustavo Petro Having claimed that he was the chief prosecutor of the country, Francisco Barbosa. This statement came from Spain, during the last day of his official visit. feedback from every ideological shores, They didn’t wait.

“The Attorney General forgets one thing the Constitution tells him to do. Therefore, I am the head of state.was the harsh assertion of the head of state on Friday morning.

These words were made after Petro was questioned by the leader of the Colombian indictment for allegedly endangering a life Deputy Attorney General Daniel Hernandezwhose name appeared after press investigations in the country.

Attorney General Francisco Barbosa responded to President Petro by saying that he owed him an affiliation. EFE and the Nation’s Attorney General’s Office

A few minutes passed before that, furious, Francisco Barbosa He referred to the rule of the chief, which he did not just describe “dictator”They even questioned it and made an appeal to the international community because, according to the public prosecutor, it violated the division of powers in Colombia.

Statement made by the President It is an assault on the constitution, the judiciary and the division of powers In Colombia, ”the public prosecutor confirmed in an interview with several national media. During the interviews, the head of the prosecution confirmed that the Colombian president was going too far and seeking to impose a clear dictatorial regime.

“Gustavo Petro exceeds his capabilities and eventually becomes a dictator,” Barbosa told the station. FM.

He even announced that he would speak soon Washington , D.C., to denounce those events he described “Unpublished”. Barbosa reminded President Petro of the mechanism through which he reached the Public Prosecutor’s Office; However, it must be remembered that he is a close friend of Former uribista chief Ivan DuqueWhich led to his arrival to the Public Prosecution Office in Colombia.

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As a prosecutor, I have been elected by the Supreme Court of Justice, and the president is not my boss, nor is he investigating me, nor am I under his orders. His statement may indicate that the Supreme Court of Justice is also subordinate to the President of the Republic. Colombian justice and the Public Prosecutor’s Office are in grave danger from these statements. If these are the criteria of the Head of State, then the Attorney General’s Office, as soon as my term of office is over, can be a subordination of Narino Palace “, Male prosecutor of the journal week.

A few moments were enough for the country’s politician to express himself to the new Warnings from Gustavo Petro. His predecessors in the government were among the first to respond, and they pointed out that the president wanted to be “emperor,” Evan Dukewho left strong objections to his successor.

“Being a head of state does not mean being an emperor and trying to introduce the independence of the authorities and oversight bodies. The vicarage is not subject to the whims of any ruler. Pretending to do so violates the constitution,” said the former president, who ruled Colombia between 2018 and 2022.

Twitter reactions to the dependency asked by Pietro Barbosa.

He described several prosecutors of the Colombian nation, including, on behalf of “Nonsense” A warning from the head of state. For example, the former presidential candidate Vivian Morales He asserted that the Petro was in violation of Article 21 of the Magna Carta of the country in which it had jurisdiction Attorney General.

“I think that since he loves social demonstrations so much, the country should show its support,” Morales told the radio.

Moreover, the same allies of the president questioned his words. Represent Catherine Miranda From the Green Alliance, wrote in a Charged Trail From sudden feelings: “And the separation of powers?” asked the congresswoman.

Twitter reactions to the dependency asked by Pietro Barbosa.
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And no other head of state has forgiven the president for his controversial statements either. It’s about the lawyer Miguel Angel Del Riowhich is very close to the historical charter, and President Petro mentioned that the person who leads the Prosecutor General’s Office is not subordinate to him.

The principle of separation of powers is part of the structure of state organization. The chief is the highest authority in only one of its branches. The plaintiff asserted that the presidential (Lambert) predominance of common law in Colombia does not make him president of the others.

Twitter reactions to the dependency asked by Pietro Barbosa.

Despite the multiple questions that, like the previous ones, continue to flood social networks, Gustavo Pietro remains resolute in office He explained, from European lands, why Yes, I will be the president Attorney General Francisco Barbosa, with whom he lives long before he takes power in 2022.

Pietro unleashes controversy by saying he is the boss of Attorney General Barbosa