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Coronation royalties: Find out what jewels Carlos III and Camila will receive

The Crown Jewels are among the United Kingdom’s most precious treasures. At the heart of the collection are the Coronation Regalia, known in English as the “Coronation Regalia”, namely Sacred objects used during the ceremony, representing the powers and responsibilities of the king.

For hundreds of years, this jewel has played a key role in coronation services and to continue the tradition, it will be used this coming Saturday, May 6th at the service in Westminster Abbey during the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla.

Next, we’ll detail What jewels will the kings take to the ceremony:

St. Edward’s Crown

It is the most important and sacred of all the crowns, and will be used at the time of the coronation of Carlos III.

This crown was made in 1661 by Robert Feinermeasuring 30.2 cm, and was first used at the coronation of King Carlos II, replacing the medieval crown coined by the Parliamentarians in 1649.

Crown Imperial State

This is worn by the king after the coronation, but also It can be used in other formal occasionssuch as the annual opening of parliament.

The Empire Crown measures 12.5 inches high and was made by Garrard & Co. For the coronation of King George VI in 1937.

Crown Imperial State.Daily Listin Archive

Queen Mary’s crown

This wreath is used to crown the queen consort, and it will also have some minor modifications. Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

It is 25 cm high. Its manufacturer was Garrard & Co.

Coronation spoon

One of the oldest items in the Crown Jewels is the Coronation Spoon. which is used to anoint the king with holy oil, It symbolizes the most sacred part of the coronation ceremony.

This royal family survived until 1649 To destroy the Crown Jewels of Parliament.

The piece measures 26.7 cm long by 5.1 wide.


It is known as the “ampoule of gold” and was used to contain the consecrated oil with which the king was anointed during the ceremony.

The anointing is the most sacred partIt takes place before the inauguration and coronation, traditionally under a canopy.

The ampoule was made by Robert Viner in 1661 and is 10.2 cm high.


During the enthronement it is presented to the king Objects representing their powers and responsibilities. Among these objects is the Orb, which is a golden sphere surmounted by a cross.

The object symbolizes Christendom, with a cross superimposed on a globe, and the bands of jewels dividing it into the three continents that were known in the Middle Ages.

King’s scepter with a cross

This gem represents the temporary power of the king and is associated with good government. The king is presented with the scepter, which he holds in his right hand.

Likewise, it has been used in all coronations since the coronation of Carlos II in 1661.

King’s scepter with a dove

The sceptre represents the spiritual role of the king, with a dove symbolizing the Holy Spirit.

It was traditionally known as “Rod of fairness and mercy”

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