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Farewell Televisa: After cancer and its 15-year ban, Brave leaves the series and confirms him on "LCDLF3"

Farewell Televisa: After cancer and its 15-year ban, Brave leaves the series and confirms him on “LCDLF3”

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Mexico City. – Although the second season of famous house It just ended, followers and experts of the reality show are already worried for the next part, and a few hours ago the name of who will be one of the next participants was leaked. It’s well known Prince soap operas, who was recently He was diagnosed with cancer It was alleged that he gave up his career after he was veto From Televisa for 15 years.

famous influencer little lady revealed through his official account Twitter That he had in the “exclusive” that controversial actor Bobby Larios It will be part of the reality show Telemundowhich his ex-girlfriend just participated in NEORCA MARCOS: “Exclusive! I tell you that Bobby will be a part of the third season of famous houseAnd even revealed that the date of the first presentation of the program is scheduled for February 2023.

Source: Twitter @lacomadritaof2

The Mexican model also started his career by working at the TV station in San Angel and doing some melodramas You and IAnd the Health and love moneydeceived women, three womenAnd the ways of loveAnd the 406 . classa barrier s hidden truth. However, his career was cut short in the middle after it was revealed that he was Lover Cuban Nyorca Marcos when she was married / married with John Osorio.

In a recent interview with the journalist Gustavo Adolfo InfanteLarios admitted that Televisa closed its doors to him due to Osorio’s alleged veto, plunging his career and forcing him to flee Mexico to move forward in another way, such as selling pizza: “They hit me with the bucket, they kicked me out,” she said, crying: Something from my life… they all banned me because of it, of course they banned me.”

Bobby Larius was a lover of Nyorca

Jalisco, who was born in Guadalajara, had to go live in the United States to start from scratch and become a pizza seller, and years later he did a job make saucePlus, become a life coach. Televisa 2022 finally lifted its veto and allowed Bobby to return to the company to participate in the reality show Inseparable: love to the extreme With his wife Wendy.

A few months ago, Bobby said in tears that it had been discovered Prostate cancerBut fortunately, the diagnosis was made on time and he was able to overcome it, although he asserts that he does not sing victory because he is still receiving treatment. It should be noted that the controversial Mexican heartthrob has not confirmed that he will be a part of the third season of famous houseso we’ll have to wait to see if this information is real.

Source: Tribune and Twitter @lacomadritaof2

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