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Family of Colombian mother with terminal cancer granted humanitarian visa

Family of Colombian mother with terminal cancer granted humanitarian visa

(CNN Spanish) — Paula Duran, a 27-year-old mother from Colombia, has both parents with terminal cancer. Humanitarian visa It would allow them to travel to the US during the last month of their daughter’s life.

Colombian Congresswoman Sare Ropayo Bechara posted a video on social media this Tuesday Confirms the message. “How happy we feel that Paula Duran’s parents have been granted US visas to reunite in California,” Ropaio wrote on Twitter.

According to Statement by the Colombian Ministry of Foreign AffairsThe government agency is in constant contact with Sergio Vega and the person who submitted the humanitarian visa application for Paula Andrea Duran’s relatives.

Also known as humanitarian visa Parole or humanitarian parole, an option to temporarily stay in the United States due to urgent humanitarian or public interest reasons. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) does not provide a regulatory definition of the term “urgent humanitarian reasons,” officials evaluate it on a case-by-case basis, considering factors such as the sensitivity of the applicant’s circumstances and degree of distress. Conclusion if permission is not approved.

For this Colombian family, Duran’s terminal diagnosis may play a more important role in his parents’ claim.

“They gave us the sad news that she had a 4-centimeter tumor,” Duran’s husband Sergio Vega said.

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In an interview, Vega said that on November 28 last year, when he was 34 weeks pregnant, his wife had abdominal pain and a headache for which she was taken to a hospital in San Francisco, California. Medical care. It was there that they were told the tragic diagnosis.

Vega said his wife “medically has a month to live,” but he hasn’t lost hope of being able to spend more time with her. “We believe in a God above who is one in will and God in impossibility,” Vega added.

With information from Michael Rowe.