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Faculty of Economic Sciences says Daniel Olesker has a higher education than a graduate – Updated news from Uruguay and the world

Economics department board of directors Faculty of Economics In a statement, reference is made to the controversy surrounding the title of the former senator’s economist on the broad front
Daniel Olsker.

In the regular session held yesterday, some recommendations were made. One of them turned to the College Board with a proposal to “address” the cases of students who were subjected to political persecution during the dictatorship, which prevented them from completing their studies in Uruguay, but who nevertheless completed similar training abroad.

This recommendation, according to the statement, is “for the purpose of formally acknowledging their academic merits and redressing the injustices committed as far as possible.”

He explains that Olsker is not a graduate of this study house because when he was a student his studies were interrupted during the period of dictatorship in which he was imprisoned.

He adds that in the case of the former senator from the front, when he was released from prison, he was prevented from completing his university studies. However, based on his training up to that point and his research experience, he was accepted for a master’s degree at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, which he crowned with a master’s degree in economics in 1985.” In other words, Olsker got obtain postgraduate academic training that exceeds his undergraduate training.”

Finally, the document issued yesterday makes it clear that to access a teaching position at the University of the Republic, it is not required to be a graduate of that university and that Olker “has developed a long and fertile academic career in the Department of Economics.”

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