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Japanese practice that relieves anxiety and stress (post-meditation)

Japanese practice that relieves anxiety and stress (post-meditation)

looking for Technologies To help us Our body balance And ours mind to The natural way Driven by the magic that excites everything in the West Easternhe Jin Shin Jutsu It is making a space in the world of health and Care Present. This is grandparents Comprehensive physical therapyretrieved by Jiro Murray to The beginning of the twentieth centuryBut she was his student Mary Burmeister Who gave it to her the West Remembering, “Jin Shin Jyutsu is art It is not technology, because technology is a mechanical application, while art is skillful creation. For many, Jin Shin Jitsu is The art of happinessthe longevity And charity.

What is Jin Shin Jutsu?

he Jin Shin Jutsu he Eastern discipline That’s about coordinationacross the the handsthe BioenergyNot only for our body, but for our entire being, it combines what Physical, mental and emotional And spiritual To achieve our goal Care the total. This was explained by one of the reference guides on this subject, which he wrote Waltraud Rieger Krause,Graduated in Neuropathy and Oriental medicine. “Our application Hands on bodyspecifically on certain points Of the body is called Energy security locks (CES), without pressure or friction, gently and painlessly, it is possible to dissolve Energy blocks “Balance the flow of vital energy,” he explains. According to this art, we have 52 energy points In the body, they are placed symmetrically at 26 points such as the hand or foot, and if we know how to use them, we can heal various imbalances and be able to heal and Self-healing Effective form. Its entire structure is based on the idea that electricity It circulates through our bodies. When done correctly, the body is healthy, but when something prevents the current from flowing freely or deviates from its path, problems arise. Diseases Or physical or mental passionate

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How to use the Jin Shin technique to relieve anxiety or stress

Jin Shin Jutsu is an Eastern system that attempts to harmonize, through the hands, the vital energy of not only our body, but of our entire being, combining physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy.

According to the Jinshin Jiutsu Center in Chowki, pioneer of Jinshin in Spain“And it’s great Self-knowledge tool That while practicing it awakens us consciousness To tell us that we have within ourselves the ability to harmonize and balance ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually.” For example, many people today use this art to Reduce stress and anxiety. A simple way to practice this at home is to practice with your fingers. according to Beatrice BeldaJin Shen Expert, “Every finger helps you Release tension or stress Attitude (mental and emotional).

  • Thumbs up: He worries.
  • index: He is afraid.
  • heart: anger
  • Eliminates: Sorrow
  • little finger: Claim

“according to How do you feel emotionally? “In an instant, you twist that finger or fingers until you feel the tension of the emotion diminish,” the expert explains 2 minutes In position comfortable However, you can practice it anywhere and anytime you need. “And if you feel that you are tempted into these situations more frequently than you would like (with Angerpessimist, He worries…) Don’t wait to feel the situation.”