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Exercises that help you gain muscle mass quickly |  Health |  magazine

Exercises that help you gain muscle mass quickly | Health | magazine

Stability is key to building muscle mass, so it’s important to train regularly.

Gaining muscle mass in a healthy way is not impossible. You just need constant exercise, adequate rest, and adequate nutrition.

Personal trainer Carlos Bruce explains on the Tua Saúde portal that physical activity should be supervised by an expert, and that it should be supplemented with regular rest so that the muscle has the opportunity to grow and increase muscle mass.

Here are the 8 tips for gaining muscle mass effectively:

1. Do each exercise slowly

During training, muscle fibers are injured and this makes the body need to recover. Performing the movements slowly injures more fibers, which leads to greater gain as well.

ABC training is recommended for hypertrophy
Photo: Pexels

2. Don’t stop exercising when you feel pain

Muscle soreness is caused by the breakdown of muscle fibers, and stopping exercise at this point will prevent muscle hypertrophy and muscle gain. Unless the pain is in the joint, it is recommended to continue the routine on time.

3. Training 3-5 times a week

Consistency is key to building muscle mass, so it’s important to train regularly, exercising the same muscle groups with repetitions. Depending on each person’s goal, the exercise time can change.

4. Eat foods rich in protein

Proper nutrition requires eating healthy food rich in protein, as it helps promote inflation and gain muscle mass. That is why it is also important to consume more calories than exercise, and to provide energy for the body.

5. Start training with muscle exercises

Warming up is essential to avoid injury during routine exercise, and also to acclimatize the muscles through repetition and aerobic exercises that promote inflation.

6. Change the routine every 4 to 5 weeks

To prevent the muscles from adapting to the exercise, it is advisable to rotate the routine according to the instructions of the trainer, who must also assess the development of the person and select the training that best suits his goals.

The coach must supervise the exercises Photo: pexels

7. Each exercise must be performed with 65% of the maximum load

Carlos Bruce explains that the exercises should be performed with about 65% of the maximum load that can be performed in one repetition. For example, when it is possible to perform only one repetition of the thigh extension of 30 kg, to perform the entire series of the exercise, it is indicated that a weight of more or less than 20 kg is used to perform the complete series.

When a person goes through training, it is normal for the weight of 20 kg to feel lighter, so it is necessary to have a gradual increase, because in this way inflation can be enhanced.

8. When you achieve your goal, don’t stop exercising

To maintain the muscle mass gained during the training period, it is necessary to continue the exercise, as it is easy to lose those muscles if physical activity is completely abandoned. Usually, the first results of the routine appear 3 months after exercise, and in 6 months you can already see the change in the muscles.

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