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The Carabobo Bicentennial receives an honorary award in the field of social sciences

The Carabobo Bicentennial receives an honorary award in the field of social sciences

In June 2021, the first titles of the Carabobo Bicentennial Collection were published on the initiative of the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, in the framework of 200 years of military achievement that liberated Venezuela from the Spanish Empire on June 24, 1821.

On December 28, there are already 70 titles out of 200 set as the target, a work that has earned the editorial team of the group the honorable mention of the National Science, Technology and Innovation Award in the Social Sciences, delivered last December 22.

The award was received by the Deputy Minister of Cultural Economy Promotion and the Prime Minister National Book Center (Signal), Raul Cazal, during the handover ceremony held in the premises of the Teresa Carreno Theater, led by the Head of State, Nicolás Maduro.

said the Minister of Popular Power for Culture, Ernesto Villegas, who noted that the collection includes the most relevant elements of works and authors of Venezuelan literature.

The National Science, Technology and Innovation Award, responsible for the Ministry of People’s Power of Science and Technology, has been awarded since 2001.

According to the award certificate, it seeks “to learn about the results of scientific, technological and innovative research, the depth of its contents, meaning and relevance, contribution to the generation of new knowledge, scientific rigor, quality of research, influence in the social field and its applicability in solving specific problems in the state.”

Reading is a beautiful journey

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Titles are edited by the Bicentennial Presidential Commission for the Battle and Victory of Carabobo and are available for download online through the website of the National Book Center of Venezuela (Cenal) www.cenal.gob.ve.

Minister Villegas said, “Readers there will find a reason for that beautiful journey and that is reading, which in addition to letting us the pleasure of reading opens the conscience of our peoples.”

Latest titles, in digital format (PDF), in collection by authors Rafael Bolivar Coronado, Cruz Salmeron Acosta, Ali Gomez Garcia, Mariano Bacon Salas, Manuel Carrero-Cipriano Castro, Victor Valera Mora, Vicente Gerbasi, Romulo Gallegos, Carlos Irazabal, and Juan Pablo Perez Alfonso, Roman Chalbaud, Laura Antellano, Arturo Cardoso, Caracciolo Parra Perez, Aristides Rojas, Ludovico Silva, Jose Antonio Ramos Sucre and Luis Beltran Prieto. CC / JML

Carabobo Bicentennial . Collection

  1. Simon Bolivar – Sovereignty, independence and social justice
    (Selection, introduction and comments: Vladimir Acosta)
  2. Jacinto Perez Arcay – Carabobo, itinerary point…
  3. Eduardo Blanco – heroic Venezuela
  4. Miguel Acosta Saini – Bolivar. The work and utopia of a man of difficulties
  5. Cesar Renjevo – This hyacinth was planted in Karabobo
  6. Arturo Uslar Petri – red spears
  7. Gustavo Pereira – Carabobo, more than just a fight
  8. Earl Herrera – Carabobo under the word
  9. Carmen Bohorquez – Francisco de Miranda. Introduction to Latin American Independence
  10. Juan Germain Rossio – The victory of freedom over tyranny
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Source: MPPC Press / Cenal Press