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They launched a digital platform for emotional and psychological well-being - Comercio y Justicia

They launched a digital platform for emotional and psychological well-being – Comercio y Justicia

Nearly two years after the onset of the epidemic, the mental health field has recorded two main findings: On the one hand, Increased stress-related diseases – According to a study published in The Lancet, due to the pandemic, cases of depressive disorders have increased by 34.8% in Latin America and the Caribbean and 31.7% in cases of anxiety-; On the other hand, Online therapy has been established as a valid and acceptable method It allows to expand the world of the people who access it.

Also, this December presents an additional mental health challenge, as many people in the Christmas season can experience a range of emotions such as sadness, anxiety, and stress.

In this scenario I was born talk about itAnd The only comprehensive digital platform for emotional and psychological well-being, through which anyone can Start treatment 100% online with certified psychologists who specialize in CBT.

Plus web solution It allows patients to communicate daily with their psychiatrist through the direct messaging function, attend group sessions and organize their appointments directly from the platform, wherever they are, in a 100% secure and confidential manner.to.

On the other side, It also offers tools to work on health and wellness such as Talkit, Self-administered program with videos and exercises; . Practices and Videos Full focus of the mind, among other things.

The goal of this proposal is to make psychotherapy accessible and democratize it so that people have a place to seek help in an easy, accessible and safe way. Try without much return, without having to consult family, friends, social work, etc. The idea is that people lose their fear of jubilation and know that it’s normal, and that it’s OK to seek and seek help at any time and in any aspect of their lives,” her promoters expressed.

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According to a report by the World Institute of Health, apps health They motivate people to go to the doctor’s office, and thanks to these types of applications, they are more likely to “understand the importance of prioritizing their mental health; the approach of experts in the field who are able to help you and/or go to treatment thanks to easy access”.

According to studies conducted in similar applications in the United States, 60% of users who approach a platform to do treatment online are people who have never done treatment before.

“In this way, this tool is vital to open doors and provide access to people who were unable to obtain treatment either due to time or costs or due to a lack of reliable references,” they affirmed at the company.

Mental health, for the World Health Organization, is a state of well-being in which a person realizes their capabilities and is able to face the stresses of normal life, work productively and contribute to their society.” It is part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and has become, as a result and perhaps thanks to the pandemic, An inescapable social priority.

in this context, type of treatment What does Talkit do? Cognitive behavior that focuses on the problems and difficulties of the present and the search for ways to improve mood. “It is very useful in the treatment of anxiety, depression, panic, agoraphobia, social phobia, etc., obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder, among others. Similarly, treatment is combined with a specialist with tools and training exercises. Full focus of the mind Because it is a system that helps to regulate emotions, to be present in the here and now, and to reduce anxiety, among other things,” they explained.

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The pandemic has highlighted the need to take care of mental health, and work to remove any kind of taboo or stigma that has existed in psychotherapy until now. At Talkit, we seek to reinvent the method of therapy through a comprehensive proposal consisting of an ecosystem of tools that allow a person to achieve their emotional and psychological well-being, completing work with their therapist, in an accessible, safe and confidential setting. space,” concluded the signature.