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Enerside Sciences’ solvent win against Les Abelles

Enerside Sciences’ solvent win against Les Abelles

The Energy Science prevailed with the sheet Why Applesgives a 43-5 As an end result. It was the meeting that Scientists have shown their strength as a local team They continued the streak of good matches they played recently. at the moment, They are fifth in the ranking.

Match facts

It wasn’t a simple match as the scoreboard might suggest. In the early stages of the game, The visiting Valencia team had possession of the ball and dominated the game, causing the local stadium to struggle at different times. After the first fifteen minutes have passed, the Energy Science Become more present in the game. come forward In the 18th minute when Nacho Salazar managed to train After touching her aura she managed to transform Cormac Fox.

After obtaining a key position among the charts Manuel MazoAnd the Francisco Rotolo, who has been a player since summer, He was injured in the 21st minute. Over time in the game, the game has gained ground. Energy Sciences. It was played more in the field of visitation and Thus, at the 28th minute, the captain’s rehearsal, Juan Dominguez, arrived. Its a good play by locals in the Valencian region 22.

The local team gained fluidity, and in the last moments of the first half, after a long attack, in 22 Abiruga, Juan Carrasco training. Cormac Fox turned to put 19-0, When the opponent appeared at Charterhouse.

The part two The match saw how Manuel Mazo’s players maintained their leadership. at minute 54 With a counterattack, Miguel Reyna’s will, the play ended on the opposite band Nacho Salazar Who stood in the area that distinguish the people of Valencia. Cormac Fox He was responsible for changing the play.

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It didn’t take more than two minutes So that you provide a fast pass from Fox to Wasley several metres, it reached Jello Mateoon the left flank of the scientific attack. Manolo Bobo Entering the territory of competing brands with strength, he transformed Cormac Fox. John Carrasco finished, in minute 68article on the left flag, a play with great momentum for the Sevilla team.

Les Abelles didn’t throw in the towel, thanks to which Cabale’s rehearsal came in the 72nd minute. However, Energy Science Show his superiority and he will distance himself even more on the scoreboard. Woody Kirkwood he won touch. Contact. Link to 5 meters per minute 75, End the play with another trial. Cormac Fox put the final 43-5 on the scoreboard.

Manuel Mazo’s statement

Once the match is over, coach Sensias, Manuel MazoHe praised his team’s comeback. “They started in possession and we had a lot of mistakes that disappeared after 20 minutes when we were on top. Part Two we have high level stages, playing the rugby we want and watching the team they enjoyed on the field.”

The coach was at all times proud of the efforts of his players. “I think it’s not easy to score 40 points in the honors division and that’s something I’m happy about”commented. “I’m also happy with the defensive level today, it’s something we had to improve after the last few games”Mazo added.