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More than 20 competition positions in the Faculty of Economics - Commerce and Justice

More than 20 competition positions in the Faculty of Economics – Commerce and Justice

Until March 11, the UNU School of Economics invites registration of applicants for teaching positions with the following assignments:

  • International Trade: Assistant Professor A, Simple Dedication, and Assistant Professor B, Simple Dedication.
  • Fourth accounting: three from an assistant professor, a simple dedication, two from an assistant professor a, a simple dedication.
  • Bankruptcy and Exchange Law: One Assistant Professor, Simple Dedication; Two associate professor A, simple dedication.
  • Public Finance: Assistant Professor, simple dedication.
  • Introduction to Social Sciences: Two Assistant Professors, Simple Dedication; Two Associate Professor A, simple dedication; One associate professor, simple dedication; Two as assistant professor, simple dedication.
  • Microeconomics III: Assistant Professor, devotion semi-exclusive.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: One Assistant Professor A, dedicate semi-exclusive.
  • Acting Professional Seminar: One for Assistant Professor A, Exclusive Dedication.
  • Application seminar: one for assistant professor, dedicate semi-exclusive.

Entries are made entirely digitally by adhering to the open call for this purpose in UNC’s Comprehensive Management and Evaluation System (Sigeva).

Reports are with the Secretary of Academic Affairs, second floor, at the faculty, Tel: 4437300, Ext. 48502 from Monday to Friday from 2:30 pm.

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