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“I believe that science and art should go hand in hand.”

“I believe that science and art should go hand in hand.”

“I believe that science and art should go hand in handIt is important to complement the technical dimension with the scientific dimension. It is important to realize that the sciences and arts are part of the humanities as well; There is no need to separate them.” The person speaking in this way is the pianist, Professor Doctor of Musikene and researcher Josu Okiñena, who presented work today at Koldo Michelena’Musical interpretation as an artistic and scientific process. two complementary dimensions(Deusto Publications, 2022).

The musician did not work alone, realizing the need to solidify his ideas. In fact the world was today at the presentation with him Pedro Miguel Etxenic Professor at the University of Valladolid Maria del Carmen Gomez Nieto. For the job, he also got the mezzo-soprano collaboration Teresa Berganza, a personal friend of Okiñena, who was unable to go to San Sebastián but signed on to the front.

In particular, Etxenike has assessed that the work escapes from “one-dimensional simplification” and “reductive hypotheses” and seeks “new concepts”. In the same way that “chemistry is not just applied physics and “biology is much more than applied chemistry”, Okinina’s work shows “how the performer, by interacting and contributing to the outcome with his knowledge or state of mind, creates, “which appears with new properties”, added the world.

In his opinion, Okinina’s work is “a well-organised, well-thought-out and discussed work”, “a very scientific book”.

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«I think the artistic process is a scientific processAs long as it is strictly and coherent with the question from which it begins and the search for the appropriate path to his field of knowledge. This is how frank the professor is when asked about the basis of his work, adding that “the great scholars of today often state that they They are still searching for answers to the questions formulated by Greek philosophers. Therefore, it would not be necessary to separate science and art, which have gone hand in hand through the centuries, but separated in the positivist and rationalistic age. ”

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With this unique work, the pianist from San Sebastian intends to Opens new horizons. “I propose musical interpretation as a specific field of knowledge, review regulations governing regulations in musical interpretation, determine how I put myself before musical interpretation, research theories that support all these propositions and develop a practical case using Liszt’s work.

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