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Energetic Portal 2023: when to start, how many days to last and what changes it makes in your life, what rituals to do to increase energy and improve feelings | predictions | Mexico | Directions | mx | Directions | uses

March 23, 2023 is a very special date in everything related to the astral and spiritual world, since Power portal 03/23/23, which will be in this state for the next 28 days, which will cause an increase in positive energies to appear and relate to the earthly and spiritual world.

Astrology enthusiasts actually use this day to manifest and perform multiple rituals. to infinity with the aim of attracting positive energies that pass from consciousness to spirituality into their lives.

What will happen on March 23?

Today, March 23, the energy portal opens, which consists in the fusion of the earthly and spiritual worlds, which means that the Universe will provide very powerful energy with positive changes that increase the perception of reality.

What is the power portal?

This is the question everyone is asking that energy portals are the ones that make direct contact with the universe and that is why the energy is stronger compared to other portals.

According to astronomy experts, when the beginning of the energy portal occurs, there is a direct fusion between the earthly and spiritual worlds, so the exchange of energy increases their perception, reception, and strength, and this is an appropriate moment for humans to communicate and interact. With everything they want to be embodied in their lives.

Find out what the power gate means 03/23/23

It should be noted that energy portals are associated with numerology and Portal 03/23/23 Represent Number 3Which means creation and dreams. In addition, the Tarot indicates that this number is represented by the main legend of the Empress, ie Letter 2 that closely related to Fertility, creativity, emotional intelligence and unconditional love.

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This is how you will open the gate to creation, welcoming new energies, projects, and everything related to showing good vibes.

How long will the gate power be on 03/23/23?

According to astrology, the vital and spiritual gate will open on Thursday, March 23, 2023 and will last 28 days.

During all this time, people will be able to manifest and perform a series of rituals to attract positive energies, thus nourishing themselves from the fusion that will create a connection between the earthly world and the spiritual world, materialize, transform and overcome difficult moments that are not yet closed.

What changes will be made with the portal 03/23/23?

Astrologers consider the 03/23/23 energy portal to be “strong,” so some zodiac signs will be more sensitive, while others will have more hope and strength to emerge, bringing something positive into the next 28 days.

For many believers these days are usually a day of meditation, sojourn, learning or renewal, as well as internal changes, it all depends on the person and what they want for their life and soul.

Semantics Gate 03/23/23

Not only will the gate of 2023 be associated with the number 3, but it will also show interest in the number 4, since the sum of its likeness leads to that final number. “0 + 3 + 0 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 13 and 3 + 1 = 4”which makes this number more powerful to bring stability, structure, order, calmness, and help in the face of change.

Which places have the highest energy with the gate 03/23/23?

Experts link Energy Portal 03/23/23 to specific places in the world where you can go to manifest and increase energy. here they are:

  • Machu Picchu, Peru
  • Stonehenge – England
  • Easter Island – Chile
  • Sedona, Arizona
  • Uluru – Australia
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As well as other areas of the world where nature helps open the gates path to vibrate with greater force and power.

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