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ICONIC: Cheekys Rivera drives fans crazy disguised as Mystique from X-MEN

ICONIC: Cheekys Rivera drives fans crazy disguised as Mystique from X-MEN

whereas Halloween Celebrities took the opportunity to showcase their best fashion and it’s the perfect day to unleash their imaginations and show their creative talents, as happened with Chiquis Rivera’s photo Who completely turned into a celebrity with the best costume It’s out of season.

Not only has the singer avoided being a victim of physical shame on social media because of her curvy figure, the singer hasn’t hesitated to show off her crushing beauty with each of her posts accompanied by a powerful message of self-love. This time he made use of Halloween to do it in a big way and completely transform himself, taking the definition of the costume to another level by showing off his personality.

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daughter of Jenny Rivera The happiest of nearly 5 million followers on Instagram Bringing back one of the most beloved Marvel characters in movies X-Men: Charm. Although Chiquis Rivera did not hesitate to put all his effort and creativity to sweep Halloween Attire worthy of admiration won the praise and praise of his followers.

Chiquis Rivera chose a technique “Body paint‘re costume Charm, but she didn’t hesitate to completely transform and only wore underwear to completely allow herself to go to natural >> adjective. Eye-catching relief details can be seen on her skin, plus it made her use more realistic the pupils In yellow and became a redhead with a wig.

celebrity fashion

camouflage Czech Rivera Join other celebrities as the coolest Halloween, although she also managed to outperform the others Famous For his creativity and determination to emerge as one of my favorite characters in comics.

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Thalia was one of those who completely changed and showed off her makeup ability for this season, because the “Marimar” actress seemed unknown when she turned into Seong Gi-Hun, the main character of the Netflix series, The Squid Game”, which was one of the most famous sites this general.

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“Lots of detail in the makeup. Dimensions are in purple, yellow and brown. The biggest challenge was the nose and mouth. He has a wider nose so I didn’t highlight him, and I did it with a matte one-colored makeup. Thalia explained that her lips are very small and low to give her more space between her nose and her lips.” Supreme.

Yanet Garcia was one of the celebrities who drew attention for her revealing outfits, although this time around “The Weather Girl” gave her Instagram followers a preview of what they could see on her OnlyFans account. On the other hand, Carla Souza was one of the celebrities who took advantage of changing her appearance to transform herself into another Marvel character: Black Widow.

Carla Souza as Marvel’s Black Viuda. Photo: Instagram @karlasouza

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