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PHOTOS: Marilyn Favela is driving the curls crazy in a matching Louis Vuitton swimsuit

PHOTOS: Marilyn Favela is driving the curls crazy in a matching Louis Vuitton swimsuit

Marilyn favela He once again caused a sensation among his millions of fans instagram With a luxurious beach view. On her official Meta account, the actress wore a Louis Vuitton swim suit with whom andGrid went crazy He gave style lessons to women over 40 who want to dress in the best of fashion for every season.

The 45-year-old TV series star and businesswoman has become a fashion icon for women who always want to show themselves in their best outfits, as evidenced by the outfits she shows off on social media, with which she has garnered thousands of ‘likes’ when flaunting the perfect look for spring days. Warm, flirtatious and risky Stylish bikinis or swimsuits.

Marilyn Favela triumphs in luxurious swimwear

On Thursday afternoon, Favela shared a series of photos on the official Meta account where she can be seen posing from a balcony and the sea in the background, showcasing her slender silhouette in a flirtatious look that she has enjoyed. A few days off, so let’s remember he’s currently part of the staff on the melodrama.”Invincible loveby Producer Juan Osorio.

Marilyn falls in love with her flirty swimsuit. Photo: IGmarlenefavela

“I love spring! Summer, fall, winter. I really love living @me_boutique,” was her catchphrase Marilyn The publication accompanies the instagrama social network where it has become one of her fashion favorites, which is confirmed by the hundreds of amazing comments she received with phrases such as: “Always beautiful, stunning”, “Beautiful my love”, “How beautiful”, “How beautiful” and “What a beautiful woman”. , among other things.

In the footage, you can see the beautiful soap opera star, 45, posing for a photo Louis Vuitton swim suita gown that stands out for its style complete with the company’s monograms and that combines dark blue and white, a luxurious outfit through which it was able to obtain more than 91,000 “likes”, which confirms that it is one of the favorite artists in social networking sites.

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The actress shows off luxurious Louis Vuitton swimwear. Photo: IGmarlenefavela

A few months ago, the actress, originally from the state of Durango, showed herself in another aspect of her career by being a contestant in the “Top Chef VIP” program, from which she unfortunately did not win, and in 2023 she returns to soap operas in the production of Juan Osorio where he will share the screen with him Angelique Boyerand actors Daniel Elbetar, Danilo Carrera, and Guillermo Garcia Cantu.

The actress has been engaged in acting since the late 1990s, with melodramas such as “For your love”, “Hell in paradise”, “Mujeres engañadas” and “La intrusa”, but she gained great popularity by playing Rosaura Ríos Olivares in the telenovela “Gata salvaje”, in 2002; Today, at 20 years old, she’s already the star of soap operas and a style standard, especially when she shows off her gorgeous body in a beach look.

She is over 40 years old, and she has a great body. Photo: IGmarlenefavela

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Photo: Marilyn Favela rocks a revealing swimsuit

Marilyn Favela, 45, shows off her beauty in a bodycon dress with a clear collarline