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Energás and unit 6 exits from Mariel

On Monday, May 22, 2023, the Electricity Federation of Cuba expects an increase in power outages after Unit 6 departs from CTE Mariel.

“Today the effects of the service are expected, which will exceed 600 megawatts during the maximum demand,” announced the journalist of the Cuban Television News System, Lázaro Manuel Alonso, on Monday.

“Exit of Energás and Unit 6 Mariel Identifies Increased Blackouts in Cuba”, added on his Facebook profile.

For his part, it was Bernardo Espinosa informed previously that “at 12:32 noon this Sunday, a failure occurred in Block 6 of the Máximo Gómez Báez de Mariel Thermal Station.”

“This collapse removed the machine from the system with a capacity of 95 megawatts, which is the load that the unit transported to the country at the moment of the collapse,” he said.

Similarly, it reported that a technical failure in the compressor substation of the ENERGAS project substation, in Puerto Escondido, Mayapec Province, affected electricity generation at the Boca de Jaruco Power Plant.

This caused an output of 200 megawatts and also affected the gas supply for cooking food in the capital.

Blackots in Cuba

One Cuban complained that “unfortunate cracks in the thermal power plants in the west of the country, and the eastern plants have been damaged since six in the evening.”

In its daily report, UNE added that Unit 3 of CTE Santa Cruz and Unit 2 of CTE Felton are out of service due to a malfunction, as well as a breakdown that occurred in Puerto Escondido, affecting the gas pumping, Units 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of Energas Jaruco .

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Unit 6 of CTE Mariel, Unit of CTE Guiteras, Unit 5 of CTE Nuevitas and Unit 6 of CTE Renté are under maintenance.

The service cost is estimated at 616 MW during peak hours in Cuba.