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Emelec is one step away from the Copa Sudamericana's last 16, after beating Deportes Tolima 2-0 |  Football  Sports

Emelec is one step away from the Copa Sudamericana’s last 16, after beating Deportes Tolima 2-0 | Football Sports

The electrics will decide their presence in the second round next week when they take on Talires from Argentina.

Emelec resumed top spot in the South American Cup Group G by beating Deportes Tolima 2-0 on Wednesday at George Capuel Stadium, in a match from the fifth and penultimate round of Al Moftah, which next week will determine the Ecuadorian national team and the country. Brazilian Red Bull Bragantino both have a chance to qualify for the round of 16.

Jason Angulo (against the 69th minute) and Joao Rojas (71) scored two goals from Emelek, who did not have a good time in the first half against a Colombian team who was scoring heavily on the field. In the second half, the team led by Ismael Rescalvo performed better, and after half an hour of the warning siren, he gave a final boost to the Ibagué players.

With this result, the millionaire team adds 10 points and will be able to clinch the rankings next week if they defeat Taleres de Córdoba.

On the deadline, which will take place on Tuesday 25 May, Emelec will host the Argentine club, while Red Bull Bragantino will visit Tolima at the headquarters, to be confirmed by CONMEBOL.

It costs the start

Playing at home, Emelec had a tough time and it took time to beat Tolima to continue leading the series, now with 10 points.

He had more chances to convert with two shots on goal, but goalkeeper Alvaro Monteiro stopped well to contain the danger and make the host sweat.

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In the Colombia squad, Ecuadorian defender John Narvaez did not start as a rookie, who finally did not add minutes at his old stadium.

Despite the four losses, also caused by defenders Anibal Leguizamon and Luca Sousa, Pompeo made a difference thanks to his wing, Romario Caicedo, who did what he knew best, flooded and sent the calculated service to the area. However, this time her position was not pushed by a teammate but by the Colombian team’s competitor, Jason Angulo, who touched her with her leg to the ground.

Satisfyingly insane, the second conquest took place immediately, two minutes later, again after Romario Caicedo pushed into the right flank.

Goalkeeper Monteiro managed to clear the ball and took the ball with spirited Rojas to decide the second and final match. (Dr)