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EMEI held the first day of the 16th edition of the Fair of Books, Arts and Sciences

It was held on Wednesday at the primary level, and in the following days it will continue for the primary and secondary level.

The EMEI Fair (Escuela Modelo de Educación Integral) located in Villa de Merlo, the traditional fair of books, arts and sciences, which took place this time around, began.

On the first day, the space was available to both elementary and junior level students. Activities can be followed through the official networks of EMEI on Facebook and Instagram.

“The start resulted in a very positive experience. On the first day, from different actions, we were able to show all sides, we gave representations of stories from the initial level, expressions of creativity of our students,” commented the Foundation Director, Walter Nunez.

The aim of this meeting is to enable families and society in general to get acquainted with all the technical, technological and scientific works that are implemented in the institution.

On Thursday the 28th it will be primary school turn and on Friday secondary school students will close the event.

Note and photo: Click on the Ministry of Education.

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