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Electric car fires continue in Florida

Electric car fires continue in Florida

By ion water Florida (USA) left behind dozens Electric cars After weeks of drowning and coming to the surface, a strange phenomenon occurred, and they began to do to catch fire By themselves.

Vehicle batteries are exposed to salt water and cause them to corrode, increasing the risk of unexpected fires. Depending on where the car is located, the fire can burn houses or other vehicles. Therefore, they pose a security risk. The flames appear to be completely extinguished but will re-ignite.

In this background, the Firefighters They are not enough to turn them off. Putting out this fire is not an easy task for the emergency services.

“Special training and understanding is necessary to ensure that electric vehicles can be shut down quickly and safely,” state fire chief Jimmy Petronis shared a video on his Twitter account, in which you can see several troopers in Naples (Florida) trying. To put out Tesla’s flames.

The Firefighters They urged owners of flood-affected electric vehicles to take them out of their garages Move them to less crowded areas There they do not pose a danger if they catch fire suddenly.

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