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Election of bodies in the College of Health Sciences

Election of bodies in the College of Health Sciences

Tuesday 10 August 2021


The Dean of the College, Omer Baryonojevo, commented: “UNCA started the electoral process for the collegiate authorities and we are proud that our faculty members are the first to do their electoral work, we started with the student body and non-teaching staff.”

As he recalled the process that began yesterday, “In both cases we are delighted with the enthusiasm and commitment to present ourselves from the very first hours. Ballot chiefs have presented themselves, and all polling stations planned have been established to ensure the necessary protocols to take care of the health of the people involved in this electoral work. It was the most A number of the students’ table, for which six tables were prepared.”

Barrionuevo explained that elections are held for collegiate authorities in academic units, that is, by the four monasteries: teachers, non-teachers, students and alumni to collegiate bodies of each academic unit corresponding to the board of directors and our representatives of the teaching staff of the UNCA Supreme Council. In addition to the students who will represent the Electoral College.

He pointed out that six student tables have been activated, the register is close to 600 students, and the voting door is closed at six in the evening, and the Electoral College will announce new boards of directors for the period 2021-2023.
For her part, Patricia Moyano, teacher of this academic unit, which makes up the Electoral Council, commented that the elections took place in a normal manner and according to all protocols established by the health institutions. “Today we have a choice of students and non-teachers who attend appropriately and follow protocols,” he concluded.

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