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The College of Medicine celebrates its fiftieth anniversary

The College of Medicine celebrates its fiftieth anniversary

The event was organized at the International Medical Symposium, where Dr. Mariano Sánchez Cuevas, Academic Vice Chancellor of the University, presented the college’s 50th anniversary commemorative plaque.

The International Medical Symposium started with a fundamental topic for the doctor: Public Health, for them, there was the presence of Dr. Armando de Alba Rosales, UPAEP graduate, Master of Public Health, Postdoctoral Research Fellow and University Member from the Nebraska Medical Center in the United States.

In his presentation entitled “Responding to global emergencies; medical and public health perspectives on modern medicine”, Dr. de Alba Rosales shared his experience in the field and highlighted the importance of the physician in community health interventions, pointing, for example, to the intervention of physicians during the pandemic caused by SARS. -Coronavirus 2.

He explained that public health means community care, which generally relates to taking care of society by identifying its needs and the sources that affect people’s health. Not just individually, but in a broader way. This means that disease prevention should start from managing patients mainly from outside the hospital to inside the hospital and then inside the hospital, as it is common for the process to be the other way around.

He also answered that modern medicine must work from a holistic perspective. However, this same vision requires great challenges to serve humanity, the solution of which is based on commitment, crossing boundaries and leaving preferences aside, which ultimately increases the possibility of making decisions in a more appropriate and efficient manner.

The final message from Dr. de Alba Rosales was to call on future doctors to “think outside the box”, outside the norm, and to influence communities to accompany patients as well, in order to improve communication between the two parties. He added that one of the ways he did this was through extraordinary vaccination campaigns. The vaccination clinic was under the theme of the Day of the Dead, another with the celebration of Mariachi Day and the last with the theme of football to cover the hesitant population, which had a great participation from the top scorer of the FIFA World Cup, Luis Hernandez, “El Matador”, who also received the UPAEP University Doctors community from a distance. He congratulated them on 50 years of history and leaving a great message, which is support and cooperation in service projects, as well as Dr. Dee. Alba and that “if it’s to help, that’s where we have to be.”

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After this first lecture, Dr. Mariano Sánchez Cuevas presented the College’s fiftieth anniversary plaque to Dr. José Manuel Madrazo Cabo, Dean of Medical Sciences, and Dr. Novia Adriana Monter Valera, Director of the College of Medicine and Dr. Armando de Alba Rosales is a graduate student and professor at the University of Nebraska. Commemorative Concert for the 50th Anniversary of the College of Medicine.

At the official ceremony, Dr. Adriana Monter was the first to take the stage to acknowledge the presence of influential leaders in the medical field without missing the opportunity to remind of the responsibility of doctors in achieving positive changes in medical care.

He added: “I call on students, trainees and graduates to assume their role as transformational leaders and use their education to serve society.”

Likewise, Dr. Mariano Sánchez Cuevas expressed his gratitude to the previous generations and their contributions to the strengthening of the College, and also praised the comprehensive operations of the University and the results achieved in examinations such as CENEVAL, with the highest percentage of students passing the medical residency examination and the national accreditation obtained by UPAEP.

We must benefit from the legacy of the founders, and I invite you, dear current and future students, to make the most of the opportunities provided by the college.