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Karakol Science Museum presents the first documentary film about the Atinotas Forest |  News from Mexico

Karakol Science Museum presents the first documentary film about the Atinotas Forest | News from Mexico

Ensenada, British Columbia – The Caracol Science Museum invites the community to the premiere of the documentary “Atinoata: forests reborn from fire” An original production by Caracol, in collaboration with Ejido Ruiz Corténez, Los Attenuatas Group and Ecología del Fuego from the Faculty of Marine Sciences of the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC).

For the premiere of this production, two performances will be held in the hall “Estela Parrilla Echeverria” from Caracol, One on Saturday 23rd September at 12:00pm and another on Sunday 24th at 3:00pm.

Documentary presentation

On Saturday the 23rd, in addition to the screening of the documentary, Octavio Guzmán Pérez, a guide from Amigos Hikers, will give a lecture on responsible hiking, while on Sunday the 24th the screening will include a talk “Save with a Click” by Mayra Janeth Ávila Álvarez.

Admission to both screenings is free and aimed at the whole family. The documentary tells the story of the Attinawatas Forest, from the devastating fire in 2017 until community collaboration And experts for protecting the ecosystem.

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“Los Atenuatas: Forests Reborn from Fire” explores the ecological importance of the forest, the causes of fires and prevention measures, as well as highlighting forest regeneration and lessons learned, Through interviews with researchers, ejidatarios from the area, brigade members, firefighters, hikers and local community members.

The aim of this documentary is to raise awareness among the population about… The importance of preservation Caring for local ecosystems and the species they house.

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In particular, it seeks to raise awareness about the conservation of the Attenuata Forest, which is home to an endangered endemic species, the Atenuata pine.

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The forest was severely affected by the fire of 2017. Although the natural characteristics of the pine trees allowed this The forest is reborn, Everyone’s effort is necessary to continue growing and sustaining it for future generations.