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Elderly Florida man won $1 million by scratching off the lottery

Elderly Florida man won $1 million by scratching off the lottery

A lucky senior from Florida won $1 million with the 500X The Cash Lottery Scratch-Off game. The business was a blast for him and he was lucky because he only invested $50.00 USD for the ticket.Franklin Winberry Sr. is 68 years old and lives in Duval County, Jacksonville. He received his cash prize in the county office of that city in Florida, as announced by that state’s lottery. The winner preferred to receive the money in one lump sum of $820,000.00 USD.

Lucky Grandpa bought his winning ticket from J and J Grocery Store. The store is located at 632 Beach Boulevard, Jacksonville Beach. As stated in the rules, the employer will receive an additional commission of $2,000.00 USD for selling the lucky ticket.

The $25 million prize is disputed

This is the amount offered by the grand prize of $50 500 times. It is, in fact, the largest contested prize in Florida Lottery history. Experts indicate that the chances of winning are 1 in 4.50.

In this same game, a man from Keystone Heights, Clay County, Florida, won $1 million last March. In this case, the winner also chose his fortune in one payment of $820,000.00. The winner, Li Tang, was over 60 years old.

Something similar happened last February, three lucky guys from Florida became millionaires after winning a scratch in this same game. It was Matthew Gordon, 31, from Jacksonville.

The second was Roman Rodriguez, 61, of Wemauma, Hillsboro County, and the other was Darren Thorpe, 53, of Port St. Lucie, Santa Lucia County. The winners decided to receive a one-time sum of $820,000.00.

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