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“Brazil’s Role in Venezuela Elections Matters”

“Brazil’s Role in Venezuela Elections Matters”


At the age of 74, Venezuelan ambassador Edmundo González Urrutia became, quite unexpectedly, the main rival of Nicolás Maduro in the July 28 presidential election. After 25 years, Urrutia was registered by the main opposition party, which intends to defeat Chavismo in elections, after a tumultuous process that included blocking the names of opposition parties.

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“We know it’s not a simple battle, but in the game of democracy some win and others lose,” the candidate told O Globo. Urrutia confirmed his contacts with the Brazilian government and sent a message to President Lula: “The weight and leadership of President Lula is so important that any message from him will be well received by the Venezuelan democrats.”

Have you ever fantasized about running for president?

It was an event that surprised me and my family, it was unexpected and unexpected.

A big challenge…

I took this situation as a contribution to the cause of democracy.

What was it like when you told your family that you would become a candidate?

Everyone followed the process closely and I informed everyone about everything that happened. One day I received a call from a friend who informed me that they had unanimously decided to select me as a candidate.

You are not a known leader, an important part of the campaign is to let the country know who Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia is, especially through social networks like Instagram and TikTok…

It’s true. But two days after confirming my candidacy, the polls we had already conducted gave me 50% voting intention, an impressive record. Everyone soon knew who Edmundo Gonzalez was. In the latest polls we have, I have more than 60% support, which gives us a lot of confidence. In recent days I have met with different sectors of Venezuelan society, political organizations, parties and movements. This weekend I met relatives of political prisoners, a meeting with more than 40 people. So we continue, moving forward. Every day we receive new support.

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